Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Puppy Review: Air Gear

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Movie Review: Black Butler Book Of Atlantic

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well and I hope you all had a great 4th of July. I finally have another review to give you guys. In case I havent mentioned it before, I am a huge Black Butler fan; So when I heard that they were going to start releasing arcs in OVA and Movie form I was really excited. So the review I have for you guys today in none other than Black Butler: Book of Atlantic.

To start off, this movie is what you would get if the Titanic had not hit an iceberg and instead had a zombie outbreak. Ok now that I have given you a visual lets see where to begin, We do start off with Sebastian and Ciel on the ship where they are there to investigate the Aurora Society. We get some familiar faces from the first two movies which was fun to see. The movie really starts to pick up when we see Sebastian and Ciel go undercover as members of the Society and this leads to one of the greatest secret passwords ever, I wont spoil it you just have to see it.

Once they are inside of the society we see what will eventually turn into the main plot of this story and from here the movie moves at a pretty high speed, there is alot of slicing and blood and just trying to survive. I will say that this movie really gives us some great character development and If you dont follow the manga as I dont it will defiantly have you wanting to read it. We do get  grell appearance and he is as awesome as every and we get some great moments from him. Dare I say the real stars of this movie are Elizabeth and Undertaker, We get to see that Elizabeth is truly a badass and we got to see that the undertaker is not what he appeared to be and I must say both caught me off guard especially Elizabeth.

I will defiantly say this is my favorite Movie next to Book of Circus, the plot is not strong but the character development more than makes up for that. If you are a Black Butler fan Then this is a must see I dont think you will be disappointed , If your someone who was just a casual Black Butler and have not seen the series in a while I feel pretty comfortable saying that You can watch this and not feel like you have missed anything. I would have to give this a 8/10, and It is dubbed so you should be able to find it on Funnimation.

Thank you all for reading and hope you enjoy!


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

OVA Review: Aki Sora -Yume no Naka

Hey guys! Finally back with another post for you guys today. I hope everyone is having a great week so far, I know I am because its con week. First I will give you guys a quick update, I will be planning to start uploading blogs every Wednesday (hopefully) so that I can give you guys content on a regular basis. Also I wanted to point out that im sure most of you have seen the player that have been added to the blog, that is for a new side podcast that is different from our youtube podcast so I hope you all enjoy it also.

The anime that I am here to review today is the sequel to a anime that I reviewed for our side podcast and this anime is Aki Sora ~Yume no Naka. Let me say this is a hentai, a detail i was not aware of until I watched the first series. I will say, given that this season of the show has 2 episodes, its a step up in the quality of story not that there was anywhere to go but up after that first series. What I did enjoy about the series is that we got to see more backstory not only from Aki ( the sister) and Sora( the brother), but we also got a really good backstory from the other sister Nami and we got to see that even though her and Sora are twins she is pretty envious and jealous of him which I didnt expect. With this being a hentai of course that means there is sex but you also realize just how strange the relationship between Aki and Sora is because not only are they having a intimate relationship but they are also ridiculously reliant on each other and to a certain degree Aki has convinced Sora that she is the only person that he can depend on and Sora has not backbone to be able to stand up to her. 

While this series was defiantly a upgrade from the first season, its still not a great show, if you enjoy hentai this this is for you and if you like fan service then I would also recommend it but if your looking for a balance for story and fan-service the ratio here is about 90% to 10% and while the backstory is decent its not really worth the time unless you have the time to waste. 

Sorry the font is so small I keep editing it but it wont stick so sorry if you guys have a hard time reading it.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Soul Eater Not! Forgotten Anime 11?

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing well. Con season is in full effect, I went to Tekko in Pittsburgh and had a great time and LM.C was epic, next up is MoMocon here in Georgia and im looking forward to it.

So I am back today to bring you guys another forgotten anime discussion, I have been wanting to do another one for a while but I was not sure what anime to discuss until I scanned threw my list on MAL and I found the perfect show to discuss. The show I will be discussing today is the one and only......Soul Eater Not!.

Soul Eater Not was a spin-off of the anime Soul Eater, and it debuted in 2014. Soul Eater Not takes place a year before the events in Soul Eater. Before I started watching this series, I have bought the first volume of the manga and I didnt really think it was anything special but once the anime came out I decided to watch it and I actually really enjoyed the series. The main reason I am doing this as a forgotten anime is because The series didnt get alot of positive feedback at least from what I saw and people just did not care for the series. While the series Is not as great as the original I still thought it was a solid show and I enjoyed that it was a little more light-hearted  in sections.

I didnt realize that it had been 2014 when this series debuted because after it was over I have heard no one talk about the series and its as if the show just disappeared off the anime map, so I wanted to try and shine a little light on a series that I felt didnt get a fair shot because as they say "the sequel  is never as good as the Original".

Alright that does it for this discussion, Thank you all for reading!