Thursday, April 26, 2018

Soul Eater Not! Forgotten Anime 11?

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing well. Con season is in full effect, I went to Tekko in Pittsburgh and had a great time and LM.C was epic, next up is MoMocon here in Georgia and im looking forward to it.

So I am back today to bring you guys another forgotten anime discussion, I have been wanting to do another one for a while but I was not sure what anime to discuss until I scanned threw my list on MAL and I found the perfect show to discuss. The show I will be discussing today is the one and only......Soul Eater Not!.

Soul Eater Not was a spin-off of the anime Soul Eater, and it debuted in 2014. Soul Eater Not takes place a year before the events in Soul Eater. Before I started watching this series, I have bought the first volume of the manga and I didnt really think it was anything special but once the anime came out I decided to watch it and I actually really enjoyed the series. The main reason I am doing this as a forgotten anime is because The series didnt get alot of positive feedback at least from what I saw and people just did not care for the series. While the series Is not as great as the original I still thought it was a solid show and I enjoyed that it was a little more light-hearted  in sections.

I didnt realize that it had been 2014 when this series debuted because after it was over I have heard no one talk about the series and its as if the show just disappeared off the anime map, so I wanted to try and shine a little light on a series that I felt didnt get a fair shot because as they say "the sequel  is never as good as the Original".

Alright that does it for this discussion, Thank you all for reading!



Monday, January 29, 2018

Tiger and Bunny: Forgotten Anime 10?

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. I know I havent done one of these in a while, but I am finally back with a forgotten anime. This one will be a Little different because while researching for this overview I see that their is a second series that has just been green lit. This series that I am referring to is the one and only Tiger and bunny.

I did not realize that it was 2011 when Tiger and Bunny first came out, I was never a huge fan of the show, I remember watching probably the first 3 maybe 4 episodes of the series, but I always thought the concept was Awesome and I wish I had gone back and finished it up. When I look back at the 2011 season the only show I see that I really watched that year was Mayo Chiki! which if I havent told yall i love love LOVE that show lol.

What made me choose this series to do a forgotten anime on is that I remember when this series was out alot of people were in love with it and I remember seeing the cosplays at alot of cons that I went to, but after a few years it seemed like the hype sort of died down, and that could be due to the lake of a second season( even thought I was sure there was one) but I just stopped hearing anyone talk about the show and the cosplay died down. I think that it is good news that a new series will be coming out so hopefully that will bring interest back into the first series.

Well thank you all for reading as always and If you were a fan of the series let me know by leaving a comment. Until next time


Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another Japanese Otaku sends threats to Voice actor.....This has to stop

Hello everyone, hope your all having a great Wednesday! I was hoping not to do another post about this topic, but once again the creepy side of the Otaku culture has poked its head out again. Once again I was browsing on ANN like I normally do, and what do I find but yet another article about another grown otaku male sending threats to another female voice actor. This guy who was 32 and unemployed was arrested for sending a email to the agency for the voice actor Ayana Taketatsu. the even scarier thing about this story was that the agency reported that they have received over 7,000 threats aimed at Ayana. To this that 7,000 people feel that a person they have never meet or probably never spoken to in real life has "offended" them so much that they take out time to threaten them is not only creepy but shows that some people have some serious mental problems and really need proper help. These people act as if these voice actors and idols owe them their lives and as soon as they do something that the fan thinks is "shameful" they want that person to pay and its usually with their lives, Im not sure how you can get tighter security for this but something has to be done because we live in a age where tracking people is easier than ever to do so they need to get a handle on this problem before someone follows threw on their threat.

Sorry if I rambled on I just wanted to address that because those story always creep me out and I find them disturbing. So until next time


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Baccano! Anime Review

Hey guys! I hope you all are having a great holiday so far and hopefully enjoying some anime. As some of you may know, every year The Reverse Thieves Podcast does a secret santa type thing where bloggers recommend animes to each other and we watch and then review said anime. This is my third time participating in the secret santa event and since I dont celebrate Christmas this has turned into my own holiday tradition lol. This year's recommendation was a anime that I had wanted to watch but never got around to, I always heard alot of great things about it so I was really looking forward to watching it and this review is the result. Before I continue I want to say thanks for whoever recommended the anime Baccano! to me. Now on to the review!

Baccano....Baccano, where do I start with this show, if you have been a anime fan for at least 5 years then it is likely that you have heard of the anime Baccano and if you are like me then you have also heard that the anime is also pretty amazing. Well sorry to say but I found Baccano to be alot of things but awesome was not one of them.

The best way to describe Baccano would be to say that it is half 91 days and half durarara and on paper that sounds like a good mashup but it doesnt come across as well as expected. To start on a positive note I will say that this anime is just a ball of random violence and fun, and yes those two do not usually go together but in this anime these two aspects, especially the violence definitely stands out....ALOT! The main problem that I had threw-out watching this show was that the plot never seemed to have a single clear direction, there was at least 4 to 5 plot lines that go in so many directions that by the time they finally wrapped up I had lost interest in them.

If I had to pick a favorite plot line, I would have to say that the alchemy plot was my favorite mainly because it was weird yet cool to watch Quates just suck the soul out of people with his hand lol. By far my favorite characters would have to be Issac and Miria and I enjoyed them because they added some much needed light hearted comedy to a show that is about 90% blood and guns.

Overall, as a show that I was excited to watch, I was a little disappointed that it did not live up to the hype, and I felt that they attempted to do to much with this anime and it all got jumbled and it didnt come out well. I can not say that I regret watching Baccano though because if nothing else it was fun to just watch mindless violence from characters that thrived on it and really enjoyed the act of killing. As a fan of Durarara I do recommend you watch it but if you dont like Durarara I dont think you will like Baccano.

Well thats it for my review, again thanks for the recommendation and hope the rest of you guys have a great holiday.