Friday, August 11, 2017

Bonus Puppy: short rant on short animes

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why Harm Idols?

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. I had no plans on doing a blog today, well change that I did plan to do a blog just not on this topic. I will give you a heads up this post wont have to many facts because it will mostly just be my opinion but enough ranting and lets get started. So I was checking Anime News Network like I often due and today I ran across a story that I am starting to see way to many of and that is a Idol being threaten. This story was about a man threatening the voice actress Sumire Uesaka. I will never understand how you can send death threats to someone who you claim to be a fan of, especially sending threats when you have zero logical reason to do so. Im a fan of the Korean rapper CL when she came to Atlanta her ticket prices were a bit out of my range but you didnt see me saying i wanted to harm her over something that small that really had no affect on me. So after reading this I decided to search the database to just see how many of these stories were there, I was surprised by the amount I found. There was the story where a 22 year old student threaten to beat voice actress Suzuko Mimori to death, the story where a 39....yes 39 year old man threatened voice actress Satomi Satou because he felt she ignored him during her concert, the story where voice actress and singer Inori Minase had to cancel events due to threats and last but not least the story where a 32 again yes 32 year old man was arrested for threats that he wanted to kill voice actress Nana Mizuki saying that he wanted to kill her because he emailed her saying that he wanted to meet her and she ignored she should have. Something really has to be done about the harassment, maybe you could have the voice actors and idols just have fan pages on social media instead of allowing fans access to their personal pages, and also during events such as meet and greets they may have to have security pat people does especially the males. Sorry to go off on a rant this is just something that bothers me every-time i read one of the stories because im always shocked at how obsessed some fans can be because they dont understand that the people and yes they are people are doing a job and while they enjoy making fans happy they are not someone you can own. MAHO OUT!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Movie Review: Black Butler ( Live Action)

Hey guys! As you know its Davius here....or maybe you dont know lol but I hope everyone has been doing great. This post will be a little different from the post I have done before. Yesterday while at work i decided that i should watch the Black Butler live action movie, so i watched it and i decided I should review it.

So I didnt realize that the Black Butler movie came out in 2014, I remember hearing about it coming out and i really wanted to see it but clearly time passed and i didnt get around to it but i finally did. The first thing that I noticed and Im sure anyone who has watched this movie noticed and that is instead of our main character being Ciel the main character is Kiyohara Genpu and I must say the actress Ayame Goriki who plays the main character is so so so so cute lol did i mention she was cute, but that aside she really did a good job in this role and I thought she put just the right amount of emotion into the character. 

I must say I wasnt sure what to expect from Mizushima Hiro playing the role of Sebastian but he really did good, in those fight scenes he really looked great, and thats my next thing i really enjoyed each fight scenes they were swift and each attack looked smooth and i was really into them. My favorite fight scene by far though was the one where Rin went on a rampage and she went into full Hitman mode lol it was beautiful. 

Before I get into the small thing i didnt like I have to mention just how beautiful the sceneary was, there were scenes where they were out in the garden and wow it was just stunning to look at. Now to the one small thing that I didnt really like and that was the Undertakers character, I did like his look but he sort of felt out of place a little bit you only see him once and it honestly could have been left out.

Overall I will say I really enjoyed this movie, The story was really good, the characters were all fun to watch and I must say it does get bloody which i was surprised by but i did enjoy. If you are a fan of the anime I say watch it for sure but if you prefer the manga more than the anime it may not be for you because it does change some things around but you still may enjoy it. Oh did I mention the actress who plays the aunt is also beautiful lol deadly but beautiful. I think I have to give this movie a 8/10 because I really loved it.  If you want to watch I dont know if there is a dvd with english subs but it is online on Kissasian.

Well hope you guys enjoyed this review and I think Ill do more of these, so until next time