Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Captain Earth: Forgotten anime 17?

What is up guys! Hope you all have been doing well. I was thinking yesterday that a new blog post was long overdue so I figured today would be a good day to give you guys a post. This weeks post will be another forgotten anime post, this one was a bit hard because I couldn't figure out what anime to talk about but then it hit me Lets talk about a show that I love but nobody else seems to and that show is Captain Earth!

Captain earth was a anime that came out in 2014 and way brought to us by the studio Bones. Bones has given us some great anime but they also gave us Stardriver......F'n Stardriver..... but this is not a post about that garbage.

Captain Earth was about the main character Daichi who stumbles upon this facility that is for lack of a better word raising  tube children inside of it, which brings us our other main characters Hana, Akari and teppi. Now im not going to tell you that Captain Earth is some great story in fact I would say that the show is basically Eureka Seven with Daichi being Renton and Hana being Eureka.

What I enjoyed about Captain Earth was that It provided so really good characters and while the story can be a little lacking the action and character interactions were always really fun.

I can understand why some people dont like this anime but I recommend it to fans who just enjoy a little senseless mech fighting mixed in with a little bit of pervyness If you do decide that you have some time to waste I highly recommend Captain Earth and If you hate it then Remember I told you not to watch it lol, it is licensed  by Sentai Works so it should be available legally to watch somewhere. 

Thanks for reading.....


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kyoto Animation studio Fire

I was not sure If I was going to discuss this or not, but after sitting here for a few hours I decided that I would give my thoughts on it. As im sure most of you have heard,  Kyoto Animation studio was set ablaze and sadly at least 33 people lost their lives due to the fire.

I wasnt sure what words I could say that could really highlight just how horrific this really was and its starting to seem that just as I was afraid of this was done out of malice and hatred. When I first read the news there was no suspect but then some hours later it came out that there was indeed a suspect and that there was a potential reason for this fire. I wont even mention what the reasoning was because there is absolutely no justification for why this happened but I will say that unfortunately the reason behind it did not surprise me because I know how obsessive some people be over certain types of media in Japan.

I wont ramble on to long and sorry if this post does not do this situation justice but I just want to send all my thoughts and Prays to the family and friends of all 33 people who lost their lives and also to anyone who was injured during the fire. Attacks like this are unjustifiable and hopefully this wont be happening again anytime soon.