Thursday, October 12, 2017

Otaku Puppy Review: .Hack Legend Of The Twilight

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Panty and Stocking With Garter belt: Forgotten Anime 10?

Hey guys! Hope your all doing well. Im finally back with a new blog post, I was hoping to do one sooner but all this homework from school has been piling up so ive been working on getting it all under control lol. Today im coming back with another forgotten anime, now this time i couldnt figure out what anime to talk about at first, I was scrolling threw my myanimelist to see what shows I had watched and then it hit me lets talk about the classic Panty and Stocking!

Where do we start with Panty and Stocking, i will admit it was definitely one of my favorite animes back in 2011, the show had the perfect mix of pervy, pervy and a little more pervy lol I mean we had a angel that loved sex. This was one of those animes that you expected to somewhat have a selected audience but was surprisingly popular with alot of anime fans. The main reason im talking about this show today is because while the show was popular 4 to 5 years later its not a show you hear anyone really talk about but when you look at some of the shows that came out during that time like Deadman wonderland, Bakuman, Blue exorcist and a personal favorite Mayo Chicki so with so many good shows for panty and stocking to stick out the way it did shows that it had something that caught fans attention.

For me Panty and Stocking will go down as one of those animes that you can just watch when you need a good laugh and dont mind putting your mind in the gutter for a little while, the show is just good old dirty fun that anyone can enjoy.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Eclipse Animation update

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. Hopefully you all have been enjoying Eclipse Animation, and today im here with a update for you guys. First I had to go in a change the format for Eclipse because We wanted to make it like a traditional tv channel so i deleted the old channel and started a new one and with the new one its 24/7 so shows will play threw and when you start watching you will just jump into a show just like you would if you were changing channels at home. Secondly we now have a tv guide so can see what shows will be on threw out the day, and lastly fridays-sundays for the time being will just be movies all weekend.

Well these are just a few updates and i hope you guys keep enjoying Eclipse Animation. If you have any recommendations for animes or movies you want to see on the channel feel free to email us at


Friday, August 25, 2017

Puppy Update!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well, and if your having any cons where you are I hope your having fun. I just wanted to pop in a give you guys a little update. You should soon see(if not already) a video player should be on the right side of the blog. Over the past week or so me and robert were throwing ideas around about making a anime related "tv" channel, first we thought about going the public acess tv route , but then we got lazy and that sounded like to much work lol so we decided to go online. Since this is just a hobbie project the first site i found which has a really good setup wanted us to pay 10$ a we passed, but the sited we decided on while a little more basic set up allows us to play directly from a playlist that we can add to and the channel will update automatically.

So the video player you see is our new anime "tv" channel called Eclipse Animation(thank Robert for the name) and the goal of this channel is to have a place for you guys to watch anime that you may not have heard of as well as random episodes of shows you have seen and episodes of shows to introduce you to a new series. As of right now we will be pulling random animes we find on youtube into the channel but soon we will try to add in shows from our personal collection.

At the moment we do now have a real schedule due to site not really allowing one, but I do have sort of a weekly outlook for you guys. Monday-Thursday the channel will show classic and newer anime from all genres all day, and warning not all of these will be first episodes, and then Friday-Sunday the channel will be showing complete blocks of different series, this will be from episode 1 on threw and this block will also include anime movies. Oh and everything shown will be dubbed and subbed.

We hope you guys will enjoy this channel as its just somethig fun we wanted to do. so thanks for reading and watching!


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Why Harm Idols?

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. I had no plans on doing a blog today, well change that I did plan to do a blog just not on this topic. I will give you a heads up this post wont have to many facts because it will mostly just be my opinion but enough ranting and lets get started. So I was checking Anime News Network like I often due and today I ran across a story that I am starting to see way to many of and that is a Idol being threaten. This story was about a man threatening the voice actress Sumire Uesaka. I will never understand how you can send death threats to someone who you claim to be a fan of, especially sending threats when you have zero logical reason to do so. Im a fan of the Korean rapper CL when she came to Atlanta her ticket prices were a bit out of my range but you didnt see me saying i wanted to harm her over something that small that really had no affect on me. So after reading this I decided to search the database to just see how many of these stories were there, I was surprised by the amount I found. There was the story where a 22 year old student threaten to beat voice actress Suzuko Mimori to death, the story where a 39....yes 39 year old man threatened voice actress Satomi Satou because he felt she ignored him during her concert, the story where voice actress and singer Inori Minase had to cancel events due to threats and last but not least the story where a 32 again yes 32 year old man was arrested for threats that he wanted to kill voice actress Nana Mizuki saying that he wanted to kill her because he emailed her saying that he wanted to meet her and she ignored she should have. Something really has to be done about the harassment, maybe you could have the voice actors and idols just have fan pages on social media instead of allowing fans access to their personal pages, and also during events such as meet and greets they may have to have security pat people does especially the males. Sorry to go off on a rant this is just something that bothers me every-time i read one of the stories because im always shocked at how obsessed some fans can be because they dont understand that the people and yes they are people are doing a job and while they enjoy making fans happy they are not someone you can own. MAHO OUT!