Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bonus Puppy 15

Hey guys! This will be the last post of the night i promise lol. But this is our latest bonus puppy episode, and I want to warn every akira fan right now, that I rant on your movie, so im sorry. Hope you guys enjoy.


Puppy Classic Review: Judge OVA

Back again! This is the secord review in our classic series. I am really enjoying doing these classic series. Hope you guys enjoy them.


Puppy Classic Review: Agent Aika R16 Virgin Mission

Hey guys! Back with our first review in our new classic series. I have actually had this recorded for a few days now, but I kept forgetting to put this up on the blog.

Here it is, hope you guys enjoy.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Puppy Update!

Back again! I know you thinking, "Didnt he just leave" but I wanted to give you guys a quick update on a new segment that I would like to do. I have recently gotten into watching anime from the early 2000's and even some late 80's and 90's anime, so im thinking about doing reviews on all this anime. Im probably going to call it classic puppy reviews.

I have a full list of ovas and shows I want to start with, but I will be reviewing Me My strawberry eggs and Toward the Terra first. You can expect the terra review to probably be up on Monday or Tuesday. I hope you guys enjoy these new segment because there are a lot of hidden gems that people dont know about and I'm about to dig them up!


Puppy Review: Little Witch Academia

Hello Guys! Davius here with a late night review for everyone. Again im in the process of watching Toonami but not a fan of Clone Wars so I figured I would type up this review i have been meaning to do for weeks.

Tonight I will be reviewing Little Witch Academia. This is a show that I had heard alot about, but honestly when I first heard about it I thought it was a visual novel. After hearing it reviewed on the Anime Pulse podcast, I decided to watch....and im glad I did.

When the show first started, right away it looked amazing but I was worried it was going to be a little to much magical girl for me but I was wrong. The story was more than young girls learning to be witches it was a story about a girl proving that she could be a good witch even though she was not i want to say born(sorry if im wrong) with being a witch. I really enjoyed the interaction between Akko and Diana. Diana was the typical mean girl but her main reason for being mean was because Akko's idol was Shiny Chariot, a witch that she believed was more flashy than anything else.

The growth of Akko as a person throughout this short episode is reallly good and I think it was well paced. I dont want to spoil it for anyone but I noticed something in the end that I hope will be addressed in the second episode, so if you watch keep a close eye on the end. I give the show a solid 4/5, it is only a single 30 min episode so its not great but it was very well done.

Thanks for reading, im off to watch more toonami and hopefully you are to lol