Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Classic Puppy Review:Crimson Wolf

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Peter of Placid Forrest Review

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week so far, if your like me your finishing up finals( and hopefully passing). I have been trying to get this review up for a few weeks now but i have been getting distracted. As alot of you may know, I watch alot of older anime some good but mostly bad lol, a few weeks ago i was on kissanime about to watch either the new spring shows or the last of the winter shows and i ran across something i never knew existed.....and that is one called Peter of The Placid Forrest.

Peter of the Placid Forrest is the ultimate kids anime, when it first started i was thinking "what did I get myself into". If I can summarize this, the towns people want to destroy the Forrest to build up malls or something similar to Walmart and the animals ( who talk) and peter( who is a mix of fairy and gnome), who fight against the people to protect the Forrest. I will just say this show is terrible but in a weird way it was very entertaining, I will say for a kids anime the animals get a little violent with the adults but then again the people were just greedy who didnt think trees were worth saving. My favorite character by far was the crow, he not only was the leader but he was also just all over the place.

This is one of those animes that when you watch you really see how far anime has come, this one came out in 1980 and it looks every bit of the 80s. I will say if you need something to watch on a Saturday afternoon this is the perfect anime oh i forgot to mention its also dubbed....yes its dubbed lol so you can turn it on and let it play why you do something else. If you enjoy diving into the vast pile of anime history like i do, then this is a must watch, but it will be a hour that you will never get back lol.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Mangirl!: Forgotten Anime 9?

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is having a great day. Its time for a new post and today Im back with another forgotten anime, I had to browse my anime list to see which show i should write about, after browsing two or three i decided on on that was short and sweet. That anime is Mangirl!

Mangirl! came out in 2013, i didnt realize it had been so long but this was the same year that such animes as Log Horizon, Kill La Kill, Danganronpa, Blood Lad and a small anime called Attack on Titan came out.

When I go back now and look its easy to see why Mangirl was forgotten and is easily over looked, Mangirl was a series much like Hetalia in the fact that the episodes ran for about 3-5 mins. With the episodes being so short it made it appealing but it also made it a skippable(yes not a word lol) show because people like to get alot of story from their anime. 

What I liked about Mangirl was that the story was nice and simple and it was just a funny show. Mangirl was about a group of girls who decided to become mangaka and the show goes threw the process of them getting the manga done and out to the people, the best way to describe the show is imagine if the girls from Kiniro Mosaic decided to make a manga its just as cute and silly as that show. 

Mangirl! is just a lighthearted anime that you can watch and it will just put a smile on your face, and while it is short they found a way to fit alot of story into each episode and it made for a fun experience. Hopefully you will all go check out this fun show and hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

demon city shinjuku Review

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great week. Work has been slow and I have gotten most of my homework done so im back with a OVA review for you guys. As most of you probably know we do review our fair share of classic anime here and today is no different. The anime I will be reviewing today is from 1988 and it is  Demon City Shinjuku.

Where do I start when talking about Demon City, I will say out of all the 80's anime that I have seen this isnt the worst but its not great either. The first thing I will point out is the one character that you only meet once, she works at this restaurant and threw-out this whole movie with all the fighting and everything she just seems to disappear lol Im going to try and sum this up: The plot is basically demons take over, the president who has a Japanese name but apparently has never been to japan gets attacked and they have to save him.

Now this anime is very 80's from the dub voices which consist or a southern voice, a British voice, and a Mexican accent. I will admit tho the character with the Mexican accent was my favorite. This anime doesnt take itself to serious which is good because it does have some decent fight scenes but the story is a little flawed at times. One of my favorite scenes is when they go to pay this old lady and she takes off with the money.  The anime is cheesy for sure, a bit over complicated but in all it is fun to watch although the ending is anticlimactic to say the least.

Well that is my review. Overall I would have to give it a 5/10, its not terrible but its could have been alot better. If you want to check it out i do know its on youtube and also on kissanime and it is dubbed. Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Trinity Blood: Forgotten Anime 8?

Hey guys! Finally back again with another post for you guys. Hope everyone has had a good new years so far and have been watching a lot of anime new or old. I love doing these forgotten anime post so today here is another, this show is one i think i will re-watch because i never gave it the full attention it deserved at first. The anime that i will be talking about today is one that may ring a bell and that show is Trinity Blood.

I decided to talk about trinity blood because i got to thinking and its a anime that i never hear anyone mention at all despite it being on adult swim years ago. When i first got into anime trinity blood was one of the first shows i saw. I remembered it being a pretty cool show especially for someone who had only seen dbz and naruto at that time. In a odd way it reminds me of Vampire Knight but a tad darker. I dont know if the series just never gained a fan base here or it just lost steam over the years but its a disappointment that the show seems to just get looked over. It also does not help that the show was on tv during the same time Eureka Seven and Blood + both which are still very popular shows and two of my personal favorites. When you compare trinity to these to it is easy to see why it may have gotten looked over, while it is equally as dark as blood + im not sure it was quite on the same level story wise.

I hope that more people will start to revisit this series because it does deserve a little more credit for being a really good vampire vs the church anime ( i just made a genre lol). I will also revisit it because i do remember enjoying it at the time and as my taste has grown i hope to see it from a different view this time around.

Thank you guys for reading and hope you enjoy the post.