Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Descendants Of Darkness: Forgotten Anime 7?

Hey guys, finally back with another post. Been meaning to post before now but have gotten busy with school but now finals are done and im back. The anime that I want to talk about today is one that is understandable forgotten but one i think should be mentioned and that anime is Descendants of Darkness.

Once again Descendants of Darkness is one of those anime's that i watched back when syfy had their animonday block. Im not entirely sure how do describe it but they are cops who are dead and now hunt down demonic things. The show while it looks like a late 90's show it came out in 2000 and while the show looks a little old its not enough to bother you from watching it. When i was looking up to see what came out the same year as this i didn't see a lot of shows that should have overshadowed it besides the great Digiomon D2 lol. I think descendants got lost in the shuffle because it just didn't stand  out enough for anime fans to pick up on.

I personally enjoyed the show because while the plot is a little thin at times it does have a little bit of everything, there are some good action scenes, there are some good characters and if you like yaoi there is a bit of that to. Descendants i dont think will ever be a show that many people watch but i think the few that do will enjoy it as i did. Hopefully a few of you will go back and check this series out if only for the talking bird.

Well thank you all for reading and hopefully i have given you another anime to add to your collection.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Claymore: Forgotten Anime 6?

Hey Guys! hope everyone is doing great. Its that time again I'm back with another forgotten anime for you guys. I randomly saw this show a few days ago and realized I had also forgotten about it, its one of those shows that i just never finished but did see enough to possible know why its forgotten.

The forgotten anime that i will be talking about today is Claymore. When I first got into anime back around 09 once I got pass the big 3 one of the animes that i remember hearing about was Claymore. It was pretty popular online and I always heard good things about it. One of the reasons I believe Claymore has become forgotten is the same problem I had when I watched the anime and that is the pacing of it. While Claymore has a really good story the pacing to me always felt slow, its the main reason I dropped the show. If you look at some of the shows that came out during that time in 07 when Claymore did, they all were action packed as well as good story. Animes such as Gurren Lagann and Afro Samurai both are very action packed and in my opinion also had good stories. Claymore is one of those animes that is not really that hard to find especially the dub, so maybe people will go back and revisit it. I also liked that from what I remember  all the Claymores were women but they were strong female leads which can be rare in today's anime lol

Well i think that ends it. Hopefully some of you will go back and revisit this anime, and if i missed any details about the show please feel free to comment as I'm going only based on what I watched.

Thanks for reading, will be back soon with more post. Until next time


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tokko: Forgotten Anime 5?

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Was hoping to be back before now but got a little busy. Im back this week with another forgotten anime, and this anime is a really special one because it is one of my all time favorites. The forgotten anime that i will be talking about is Tokko. If the name sounds familiar thats because it did air on Syfy. Ok lets get started.

I must say i believe that Tokko is one of those hidden anime gems that never got the real shine it deserved. Tokko like so many other animes came out in a year that was full of other very memorable animes. The year was 06 and that saw the likes of Black Lagoon, Code Geass and a personal favorite the one and only Ouran host club. Tokko is one of those animes that can be a little hard to describe to some one who hasn't seen it, but the best way i can put it is imagine if bleach was a police anime and ichigo and friends were cops killing hollows. That is basically what Tokko is they are a special forces team that fights demons, The backstory of course like many has a big massacre that took place and now its human vs demons. I remember seeing the show during the syfy anime block and i was hooked right away, yes the dub is not the best but show has really great content. One say thing is that the show is only 13 episodes but if im not mistaken either they are not all dubbed or there was suppose to be more but the show never finished.

The show had a lot of potential but it is just not one of those shows that you here people talk about. I am not even sure many people know the show exist lol I really wish people would dig more into it, yes it looks likes a 90s show in 2006 but it is fun and a bit Gorey at times. I hope this convinces some people to go and check it out the dvds are not to hard to find and it should be on any fan sub site *coughs* kissanime.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this forgotten anime segment. I love bringing these gems back to the light. Thanks as always for reading and be on the lookout for some more post soon.

As always


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Butler: Book Of Murder Review

Hey guys! I am back this week with another review for you guys. For those of you who don't know i am a huge Black Butler fan (one of the few guys who like it lol). I'm one of the people who actually loved the second season of the original anime so i was excited when book of circus came out. Circus was amazing and really loved the new characters. When I heard book of murder was coming out I started the hype train right away. So did book of murder live up to the awesomeness that was book of circus?

First I must say i was a bit surprised when Book of Murder was a OVA and not a full season but making them a hour long was actually a good idea. Book of Murder is your basic dinner party murder mystery with a who done it scenario. You have you basic cast of characters here, including a few new ones,  and they all seemed to blend in very well that helped the story flow. Now I will say that while yes the episodes were a hour long I felt especially is episode two that a lot of the story was rushed and the shocking reveal kinda missed its mark. I felt that given that there were a few disposable characters in this show that they could have maybe kept the murder mystery going a little long instead of just quickly revealing the secret. I thought it was strange to that even though Snake was revealed to be the missing guest, but you never saw or at least i didn't any mysterious shadow lurking around.

While I did enjoy Book of Murder, I was also a little disappointed because the  story just seemed a little lackluster and episode 2 just felt rushed. All in all while i did enjoy Book of Murder it did not live up to the Hype of Book of circus. I just really felt like they could have used one more episode.

Sorry to all my fellow Black Butler fans hope yall arent to mad lol.

Thanks for reading


Thursday, July 14, 2016

MÄR : Forgotten Anime 4?

Hey guys! Davius here and I am back this week with another forgotten anime. I have really enjoyed this series because its bringing me back to some of my favorite animes. This week I am back with a anime that even i myself loved but forgot, and that anime is MÄR. I bet a lot of you haven't heard that name in a long time so I am here to bring it back. Lets get started.

I remember when when MAR first premiered on Toonami, I had just been watching anime probably not even a year so i was watching anything i could find. A few episodes in and I was already hooked just based off of the comedy in the show. Sadly the show did not last long on Toonami( from what I remember) and that was basically the end of any mention of MAR in the states. 

I have never understood why MAR never took off more in the states, I thought it had a good combo of comedy and action, in a odd way it kind of reminds me of Seven Deadly Sins. I think it just came at a time in Toonami where the lineup was not the strongest and MAR was a case of them trying to refresh the block. 

Until doing this post i did not realize MAR was out from 2005 until 2007 with 102 episodes. Over those 3 years there was more than enough popular anime that it was easy for MAR to get pushed to the back. There were shows like Full Metal Panic, Black Lagoon, Death Note, Code Geass, D. Grey-Man, and even Lucky Star. 

To wrap this up, I would say MAR is that anime that never was, it had a pretty solid but done before plot and really good characters but it just never got the push it deserved and it kinda faded away here in the states. I don't know if it will ever get another chance here but I would love to see it get another shot.

Alright that was it. I hope you guys enjoyed and maybe you will check out MAR. As always thanks you for reading and until next time


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Corpse Princess: Forgotten Anime 3?

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well, especially with the start of con season. We are back with a series that i am really enjoying and that is the Forgotten anime series, these are shows that i really love so i am enjoying talking about them again. So for this edition the series i will be talking about will be Corpse Princess, a series that i feel has really flown under the radar over the years. So i hope you guys enjoy this post, lets get started!

Where do I start with Corpse Princess, i will say that while I love the series I can understand why the show has been "forgotten" because while the plot is one similar to that of maybe Blood+ or maybe on a smaller scale Blue exorcist the characters stand out enough that it really makes the show shine. One character that really makes the show is Makina who is basically the Corpse Princess. 

Corpse Princess though is another show that got lost in the pretty massive anime storm of 2008, the storm that included shows that some of you may know such as Soul Eater, Black Butler, Code Geass, Clannad and one that personally grinds my gears Spice and Wolf. You cant be in a anime group that strong and not help but get knocked down a little, but if you like a dark story, gore, and really good characters this is really the  show for you. There are moments where the show can get a little dialogue heavy but its not very overwhelming. 

Hopefully this will bring more eyes to this great anime and from what I know the dub is still available on dvd from funimation. So thank you all for reading and hope you all have a great otaku day!


Monday, May 2, 2016

Eden Of The East, Forgotten Anime 2?

I am back this week with another blog on forgotten animes. The anime I will be talking about this week is one that is well known for being a really good anime, that show is Eden Of The East. I wont ramble lets get on to the blog.

Now I know what you are saying, Eden Of the East is a very well know anime so there is no way that it is a forgotten anime, but in the last 2 or 3 years I can not say that I have heard anyone mention Eden in anime conversations. Eden came out in 2009 and was and still is a very good anime, and while it was very talked about after it came out, when you look at other animes that also came out in 2009 such as  FMA Brotherhood, Soul Eater, Fairy Tail, Clannad After Story, and Black Butler all of which  are still being talked about among fans in 2016 but I can not say that Eden is involved in those conversations.

Another reason I think that Eden has gotten a little lost in the shuffle is because it was a anime that while yes it had a really good story, after you get invested in that world and take away everything that the story has to offer im not sure that it offers much replay value. I hope that soon Eden will make a comeback because it is a anime that deserves more recognition, I even think that it could work on the toonami block( doubt that would ever happen tho).

Well my trip down memory lane is over. But I hope those of you who have not seen Eden Of The East will give it a chance. Until next time MAHO OUT!

Monday, April 25, 2016

new psot coming this week

Just a quick update letting you guys know that I will be getting two new post up this both will likely be on forgotten anime.

So see you later this week.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Darker Than Black: The Forgotten Anime?

Hey guys! As promised I am back today do discuss with you guys about one of my favorite animes and one I wish got talked about a lot more and that is Darker Than Black. Now let me state that this is my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced Im sure there are more fans of this great show.

When I first really started to get into anime it was around late 2007 to early 2008 and besides the big 3 two anime that really got me hooked were Ouran High School Host Club and Darker Than Black. I fell in love with the characters and plot in darker than black and was just finishing it on megavideo(yup remember that)they announced the second series was coming out, now in hindsight this could have lead to what im talking about today but fans couldn't have known that the second season would be such a disappointment.

Earlier this week( or a few weeks ago) it was announced that funimation was losing the license to the show and that got me to thinking that i hardly ever hear anyone mention the show and i very rarely seen anyone cosplay from the show. When I look at the shows that came out in 2007 alone with darker than black there are some must watch animes such as Clannad, Gurren Lagann, Baccano and even Lucky Star and Claymore. These are series that most anime fans either know of or have seen and love( i mean Dongo Dongo!). Somewhere bettwen these shows Darker Than Black seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, i feel that at least the first series should be considered a must see because it tells such a great story that you cant help but get hooked. I dont know if it just got left behind on the anime shelf or if that very average second season put new viewers off but but it seems that somewhere along the way it just seemed to disappear, now maybe the syndicate is behind that so if thats the case its ok.

Ok ill stop ranting now, but I just hope that since the show has come back to the forefront from this situation maybe it will bring new fans to the show and they will experience the greatness that is Darker Than Black and if i can i will be getting that boxset before its gone because i hear that Aniplex is not the easiest on the wallet.

Ok thanks for reading guys. hopefully we will be back with a con report next week for you guys.

so until then...


Monday, February 1, 2016

Darker Than Black article coming up

Hey guys. I saw a few weeeks ago that Funimation was losing the rights to Darker Than Black and that gave me the idea to write a article about why I think Darker Than Black is a lost and forgotten anaime and why I dont think its as popular as it should be. Look for this article to be posted up on Wednesday.

So until then......MAHO OUT!