Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Darker Than Black: The Forgotten Anime?

Hey guys! As promised I am back today do discuss with you guys about one of my favorite animes and one I wish got talked about a lot more and that is Darker Than Black. Now let me state that this is my opinion based on what I have seen and experienced Im sure there are more fans of this great show.

When I first really started to get into anime it was around late 2007 to early 2008 and besides the big 3 two anime that really got me hooked were Ouran High School Host Club and Darker Than Black. I fell in love with the characters and plot in darker than black and was just finishing it on megavideo(yup remember that)they announced the second series was coming out, now in hindsight this could have lead to what im talking about today but fans couldn't have known that the second season would be such a disappointment.

Earlier this week( or a few weeks ago) it was announced that funimation was losing the license to the show and that got me to thinking that i hardly ever hear anyone mention the show and i very rarely seen anyone cosplay from the show. When I look at the shows that came out in 2007 alone with darker than black there are some must watch animes such as Clannad, Gurren Lagann, Baccano and even Lucky Star and Claymore. These are series that most anime fans either know of or have seen and love( i mean Dongo Dongo!). Somewhere bettwen these shows Darker Than Black seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, i feel that at least the first series should be considered a must see because it tells such a great story that you cant help but get hooked. I dont know if it just got left behind on the anime shelf or if that very average second season put new viewers off but but it seems that somewhere along the way it just seemed to disappear, now maybe the syndicate is behind that so if thats the case its ok.

Ok ill stop ranting now, but I just hope that since the show has come back to the forefront from this situation maybe it will bring new fans to the show and they will experience the greatness that is Darker Than Black and if i can i will be getting that boxset before its gone because i hear that Aniplex is not the easiest on the wallet.

Ok thanks for reading guys. hopefully we will be back with a con report next week for you guys.

so until then...


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