Monday, December 24, 2018

Secret Santa 2018 Review: Redline

Hello everybody this is davius, I am back with a new blog post. This blog post will be for the secret santa project that is done by the reverse thieves podcast every year, this is my second or third time participating in the project and it is always a blast to do. I always find new animes to watch and some that I either really love or may not like at all but it's always good to add some more to my list. I watched a movie that has been on my list for a few years now and that movie is called Red Line, I've had it on my backlog for a few years now and I just never got around to actually watching it so when it came up this year during the project I knew it was a perfect time to go ahead and watch the movie and see what it's about at the same same time. I always heard really good things about the movie and so I was curious as to if it lived up to the hype or if it would Crash and Burn. Here is my review of Redline.
The first thing that I noticed while watching Redline is the art style, the art style is very artistic very bright colors that pop when you watch it and the style is just very creative but that's really the only positive about the movie. The movie is kind of everywhere and the premise of the movie is that it's about a race, a sort of Galactic race kind of like Speed Racer so think of Speed Racer meets apocalyptic world and that is basically what red line is. Your main character  is a Space Dandy type character he has the big hair just like Space Dandy  and while he is not pervy like Space Dandy, he does have some of those characteristics. He is the main racer for his team, you learn that his main mechanic got him some trouble with the mafia at one point and is sort of trying to sabotage his race. 

the movie continues to sort of go on as we built up to the redline race, we go to the process of him trying to make his car faster with bigger engines, then we get  a little bit of back story with him and one of the female characters in the show and you find out that they did know each other when they were younger she was a young racer in the yellow line series which is sort of like the lower level of NASCAR,  and while she was doing those races he was in the amateur class races and they kind of clashed a little and there with just a little Trash Talk between each other.  

Towards the end we get the big red line race and in the meantime the Space Police is there to try to sabotage the race, even though one of the government members is actually in the race, and while in the race the government member  sort of turns Rogue and decided that he wants to win the race for himself so he is kind of  considered a criminal because he wants to win. him and JP go head to head towards the end to see who can win the race, JD's mechanic and the older mechanic comes in to help save the younger mechanic from the mafia he comes in guns blazing shoots the henchmen and also shoots the main head of the mafia and killing them. they sit there and watch the rest of the race and they decide to go ahead and blow JP's car up to help give him that extra boost, so when they blow the car up him and the guy from the government go head-to-head. The government car is  blue Lightning while JP's car is red lightning and I must say it is probably the most beautiful thing in the whole movie, it is gorgeous just seeing the rays of light going toward the finish line and then JP wins the race with the girl by his side.

While redline is not a bad movie I cant say that it is a great movie, you have a decent movie at best. Its very colorful and is very fast paced but that's basically it, the story is just okay it's basically just leading up to one race for hour and then we get the race and the movie is over. It could have easily been a ova series with about maybe two or three episodes and that would have done just fine instead of a movie, so I would have to give it a 7 out of 10. If you want watch it it's dubbed and I have to say it is not a bad movie it's a lot of fun to watch it's very very fast-paced so if you like fast-paced action anime movies this is definitely a movie for you but if you're not into the whole bright colors and lots of action happening everywhere then this movie is not for you I want to say thank you for whoever recommended this movie to me and I'm glad you did because I finally got a chance to watch it so thank you very much. I think that's basically it everybody have a great New Year and a great Christmas and so until next time

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