Saturday, June 23, 2012

Toonami review

Hello guys, I'm in the process of watching Toonami and I just wanted to do a few quick reviews on Bleach and Casshern Sins.

First off, a lot of people have said that Bleach should not have been apart of the Toonami block and after tonights episode I could see their point. I'm a big Bleach fan but tonights episode was just pointless, I mean they spent the whole episode searching for chickens. It was suppose to be funny but it really wasn't, even when they found a Zanpakutō that turned into a comedy. Tonight was not the best episode at all.

Next up there is Casshern Sins, now where do I start with this episode, how about where we find out that he killed the son named moon. Yes that does sound dumb, and the show did not get any better, Lyuze follows Casshern around for a while letting him know how he killed her sister. They fight after a while which confused me because I'm not sure if he killed her or what, it was just pointless like this show. I'm not gonna go to much into how he saved this little girl but that was the best part of this horrible show. This show is 24 episodes and I can not wait for it to be over, and I really hope they don't reshow this because its horrible and there are much better old shows to put on in its place. You could even bring back Durarara!! or Kekkaishi.

Well didn't mean to rant on so much, so hope you guys are enjoying Toonami just like I am.

 Good Night People.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Otaku Puppy Bark4

Vocaroo Voice Message

               Seishun Con Schedule

                 Dumpster dive: Agent Akira

                   Game: First Templar

                      Legend of Korra

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bonus Puppy Ep 2

Hey guys, we are back this week with another episode of Bonus puppy. Hope you guys enjoy this episode. We will be back next week, until then


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bonus Puppy Episode 1

Hey guys, Ive decided to do a side show called Bonus puppy for the weeks me and Robert dont get a chance to do Otaku Puppy.

Here is the first episode hope you guys enjoy!

Hopefully we have an otaku puppy episode next week if not, it will be another bonus puppy.