Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Otaku Puppy Update

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is getting ready to have a great Thanksgiving. I just wanted to pop in a give you guys a quick update. First is a update to Eclipse Animation, I mostly update it at school/work but ill be out before Christmas time so before the 5th you guys will see a new lineup that will run until new years and if im lucky the lineup will include some live action anime movies as well as some stage plays.

Next up im taking part in the Reverse Thieves Podcast Secret Santa so Ill have a review on a anime up in a few weeks, im really excited ive done this before and both times I feel in love with the anime I was watching so Im hoping for the same result this time.

And lastly, me and robert may be attending a a maid cafe on Dec. 16th so if we go be sure you guys will get tons of photos and maybe even some videos.

Well that is all, hope everyone has a great holiday and Ill see you guys soon.