Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey Guys!

Just wanted to let you guys know that we are now starting to get T-shirts. This will be another way to spread the Otaku Puppy love. So far we only have two types in the colors Blue and Green(can be seen on here), but we will have plenty more goodies on the way.

This is a big step for us and I hope you guys enjoy them.

Thanks for all the support


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bonus Puppy Ep 5

Hello guys! We are back with bonus buppy. I really enjoyed doing this one, so hope you guys enjoy.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

King of Hell Vol. 2 Review

Hey guys, I'm back this week with the review for King of Hell vol. 2. I am really starting to like this series a lot, so hope you all enjoy the review.

This vol starts off where vol one left off with the meeting between Majeh and the old man. This was great, there is a great fight between Majeh and the mans grandson, and you also realize that there is a connection between Majeh and the old man that really put a twist on the story.

This vol also reveals a group of men who are working together to release souls from the world of Moorim and sending them to the living world in hopes that they will kill Majeh. In fact to make sure they kill him they released the seven worst fiends from Moorim.

There was a good comedy scene in there, that I thought really lightened up the manga a bit. There was this group of fighters called the Insane Hounds and they go back and forth with insults with this mysterious woman, and it ends with her beating them up, it was just pure comedy with some good fighting.

At the end of this vol, Majeh is finally returned to his old body, but the woman he was in love with, who watched over his body gets killed right before he returns. They have a really emotional scene because for so long she wanted to see him again and right when he gets his old body back she is killed, but she did get to see him before she died.

This was a really good vol, it dug deeper into the story and into the life of  Majeh and I really enjoyed that part of it. This is a really good series and I cant wait for more.

Alright, well this is it for this review, hope you guys enjoy it. I'm going to have to order vol. 3 so that review wont be up for awhile, but ill try to do it as soon as possible.

Have a good day guys, MAHO OUT!