Thursday, May 21, 2015

Puppy Update!!

Hey guys! Just a quick update for you guys today.

First I will be uploading a video talking about the Hunter X Hunter anime, I will be explaining why i chose to watch the older version.

The second bit of news is that i have mad us a Patreon thing lol. I have been seeing everyone doing this lately so i figured we should give it a try, since we are a small podcast with a small fan base right now i was sure to set the support prices low. I hope that the rewards are some that you guys will like and if you like I hope you will donate, I will leave a link below.

Ok guys thanks for reading the video will be up later today no later than tomorrow so hope you all enjoy.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Puppy Update!

Hey guys! Its that time again, we have a update for you all. First of all I just recently got my momocon ticket and Robert will be getting his soon so we will hopefully get some good coverage for you guys.

Secondly we are going to try and do a park for you guys today. Not sure how it will work because we will be using Skype instead of hangouts(because we couldn't figure it out) lol so hopefully the bark will be done.

Not many updates but they are some good ones and I know i have been promising video game reviews and they are coming soon now that i have the time and a manga review is on the way also.

Well hopefully we will see you guys during the bark today, have a good day.