Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bonus Puppy 15

Hey guys! This will be the last post of the night i promise lol. But this is our latest bonus puppy episode, and I want to warn every akira fan right now, that I rant on your movie, so im sorry. Hope you guys enjoy.


Puppy Classic Review: Judge OVA

Back again! This is the secord review in our classic series. I am really enjoying doing these classic series. Hope you guys enjoy them.


Puppy Classic Review: Agent Aika R16 Virgin Mission

Hey guys! Back with our first review in our new classic series. I have actually had this recorded for a few days now, but I kept forgetting to put this up on the blog.

Here it is, hope you guys enjoy.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Puppy Update!

Back again! I know you thinking, "Didnt he just leave" but I wanted to give you guys a quick update on a new segment that I would like to do. I have recently gotten into watching anime from the early 2000's and even some late 80's and 90's anime, so im thinking about doing reviews on all this anime. Im probably going to call it classic puppy reviews.

I have a full list of ovas and shows I want to start with, but I will be reviewing Me My strawberry eggs and Toward the Terra first. You can expect the terra review to probably be up on Monday or Tuesday. I hope you guys enjoy these new segment because there are a lot of hidden gems that people dont know about and I'm about to dig them up!


Puppy Review: Little Witch Academia

Hello Guys! Davius here with a late night review for everyone. Again im in the process of watching Toonami but not a fan of Clone Wars so I figured I would type up this review i have been meaning to do for weeks.

Tonight I will be reviewing Little Witch Academia. This is a show that I had heard alot about, but honestly when I first heard about it I thought it was a visual novel. After hearing it reviewed on the Anime Pulse podcast, I decided to watch....and im glad I did.

When the show first started, right away it looked amazing but I was worried it was going to be a little to much magical girl for me but I was wrong. The story was more than young girls learning to be witches it was a story about a girl proving that she could be a good witch even though she was not i want to say born(sorry if im wrong) with being a witch. I really enjoyed the interaction between Akko and Diana. Diana was the typical mean girl but her main reason for being mean was because Akko's idol was Shiny Chariot, a witch that she believed was more flashy than anything else.

The growth of Akko as a person throughout this short episode is reallly good and I think it was well paced. I dont want to spoil it for anyone but I noticed something in the end that I hope will be addressed in the second episode, so if you watch keep a close eye on the end. I give the show a solid 4/5, it is only a single 30 min episode so its not great but it was very well done.

Thanks for reading, im off to watch more toonami and hopefully you are to lol


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Otaku Puppy Bark 13

Hey Guys! We are finally back with a new bark for you guys. Sorry it has been awhile but we are back and going to be greater than ever.

Hope you all enjoy!

What we covered:

  • Info about the panel and new posting schedule
  • Fall anime shows: Kill la Kill, Outbreak Company, Noucome, BlazBlue Altered Memory, Sorry if I forget a show
  • Crimson Star Media shutting down( At least for now)


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Puppy Movie Review!

Hey guys! Davius back again. Right now im in the middle of watching toonami( not a big IGPX fan tho) and I figured what time than now to bring you a movie review. Hopefully we will be getting these posted once a month. So the first movie up is one that I have heard so much about, all positive. Everyone seems to love this movie, so last night, I sat down on my bed and finally watched the movie Wolf Children, and i must say this movie was.........AMAZING! This movie lived up to all they hype I had heard and then some.

To give a short run down of what this movie is about: Wolf Children is about Hana a 19 year old student who falls in love with a guy who turn outs to be a werewolf. They fall in love and eventually have two children, when *Spoiler* the father dies, this is just one of the many sad scenes in this movie. This was more shocking to me than anything, but the rest of this movie follows the journey of this single mother not only raising two children but raising two children who are half wolf.

This movie is one that will pull at all your heart strings, it will give you feelings of happiness, sadness, and joy. Some of my favorite scenes in the movie are when the daughter Yuki is young and whenever she throws a fit, she will turn into a wolf until she gets what she wants. Also another favorite scene was at the point that you could tell that both children Yuki and Ame are really going down their own path, and that was when they both got into a giant fight and just destroyed the house, you could really see both personalities coming to a head.

This is just an amazing movie, and as you follow this families life you cant help but fall in love with them. This movie is a must see for any fan of animes that you can really connect to. I give it a 5/5.

Well that was mt review, I really hope you guys enjoyed it, we will be back at the end of the month( or sooner) with another movie review.

Have a good night guys.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Puppy Update!

Hello Everyone! Davius here, yes we are still alive. I'm sorry its been so long since we have posted any reviews or barks, things have just been really busy lately, but we are back and now with a few day gaps in my school schedule i will be getting more reviews up.Now on to the update, there are just a few things going on and a few changes coming.

First thing is, lately I have been hooked on playing visual novels(I am currently playing 2) so finding my new addiction, Im going to start reviewing visual novels. There are some really good ones and I want to share the love with all of you.

Next bit of news, due to me and Roberts crazy schedules at the moment, I'm thinking about doing the barks just once a month now, with bonus puppies in between the time when there is no bark. I just fill this would give us a chance to have better content to talk about and in turn make better episodes for you guys.

And lastly, we have applied to do a panel at nerdacon in November. It is a small con that takes place in Columbus, Georgia. Hopefully we will get it, we really want try this and see how it goes. So if your in the Georgia area check out nerdacon its a pretty fun con.

Ok, I think thats it for now. Thanks for being great fans, we really appreciate it. Be on the look out for a review of the new fall season of anime and also the first visual novel review.

Have a good night everyone!


Monday, August 26, 2013

Puppy News!

Hey guys! Davius here with some random otaku news for everyone. This is actually some cosplay news. As im sure you all know, the show Heroes of Cosplay is out on SyFy, and I myself didnt really care for the first episode I thought it focused to much on the competition side of cosplay and not enough focus on the fun side of cosplay. I am someone who just cosplays for fun tho and I dont make my own costumes so maybe Im not the best to give an opinion on this.

So I was listening to CosPod yesterday and they were talking about cosplay in the media( you should check that episode on youtube) and they mentioned a documentary that PBS Atlanta did, so I googled it, and just got done watching a few minutes ago, I must say this is a very well done documentary. It focuses more on cosplayers who do it for the love of it, but it did also focus on some who do it professionally just not so over the top as HOC. One thing I really enjoyed at this documentary was how it showed the connection between the cosplayers and the community as a whole, and as someone who is from Georgia I really enjoyed that.

After watching this tho, Im not to sure if I would be considered a cosplayer( which I do consider myself) because I usually buy my costumes because I have no skills at all. Or when I do make a cosplay it consist of buying the pieces( clothes, accessories, wigs) and then just puts them together. But the pieces are already made.

But I guess it depends on what you consider a cosplayer, I consider it anyone who dresses up in a costume bought or made.

This was a awesome documentary tho and if your into cosplay I recommend  you check it out, ill link it in the bottom.

Ok, I think thats all on that sorry if I ranted to long.

Have a great day!


Friday, August 2, 2013

Bonus Puppy ep 14

Hey Guys! Yes another bonus puppy for everyone. Hope you all enjoy it, and sorry for my small rant at the end lol.

Maho out!

Bonus Puppy ep 13

Hey guys! Back with another bonus puppy for you guys. hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sorry for the lack of...EVERYTHING!

Hey guys!  We are back with a update. First we just want to say sorry for the lack of everything, we have so much stuff planned for you guys, but due to very busy schedules, we just have not had the time to get together to record. but dont worry we have plenty of barks and bonus puppys coming not to mention plenty of reviews coming up.

I am also planning to do a vs series, I have been watching alot of bad anime lately, so i figured put them up against each other and see who is the worse lol.

One last thing, I just finished making us a new rss feed, hopefully this one will be better than the last one we had. As of now you wont be able to download from the rss feed but if you miss a episode and dont want to scroll through the blog, this will be a quick way to find them.

Ok i think that is it for now. Thanks for sticking with us and we will continue to bring you guys awesome content.


p.s Just noticed that i can only show five episodes from the rss feed, so here is the link if you would like to bookmark the page

Monday, July 1, 2013

Seishun con 2013!

Hey guys! We just got back from Seishun con, and it was great! we had a great time, and I even tasted some really "yummy" pound cake lol.

We took some pretty good pictures and got some good video. Hope you guys enjoy it.

We will be back this week with a full episode on the con.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Little bit of bad news :(

Hey guys!

Just wanted to give you guys a little heads up, we have recorded bark 11, but due to some very poor sound( due to me thinking we could record with my giant air conditioner blowing) I have decided to just scrap this episode and we are going to redo it.

We want to give you guys great episodes to listen to, and this one was barely worth playing.

so soon we will try to get that one redone. but also in some good news we have been approved for press at seishun con! so we hope that turns out great.

ok I think that is it for now.


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just a little bit of Toonami news!

Hey everybody! Davius here with some Toonami news.

Aniplex of America announced at its panel at Anime Boston on Friday that the Sword Art Online television anime series will air on Adult Swim's Toonami block starting this August.

This is great news! This is one of my favorite shows. It already has a big fan base so this should do really good for toonami in the rating. Even tho some people complain about the second half of the show i loved it and im sure the whole series will do well.

Im happy to see toonami adding new shows like SAO. Im loving toonami and hope they keep up the good work because I will continue to watch.

Here is the video of the announcement made at Anime Boston:

I couldnt wait to share this news, hope you all are as excited as I am.

Have a great night guys!


Friday, April 12, 2013

Otaku Puppy Bark 10

Hey guys! we are back with a brand new bark for you guys! This is our longest episode yet, so long I had to split it into two parts.

Hope you guys enjoy it!


Bark 10 part 1:

Bark 10 part 2:

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

King of Hell Vol. 3 Review

This will be a short review this week. Hope you guys enjoy it still.

In this volume its mostly about the comedy than it is action. Majeh runs into and bandit who turns out to be just a coward trying to regain his families honor.

We got alot more comedy between Dohwha and the Insane Hounds. The only fighting in this volume takes place after they arrive at the martial arts tournement. There is a group of young fighters who are called.......dont want to spoil it but one may not be as pure a fighter as they thought.

This was a good volume, very funny and is leading into some great fights and awesome mystery in vol 4.

Hope you enjoy this review.


New Rant Series(Kinda)

Series to rant on: Cowboy Bebop

The rant series is finally back, and this one will be a special one because this is a show that people would never ever dare say anything bad about. This is the one show that if you speak bad about it, someone in the fandom may hurt you.........BAD.

The first thing I will be ranting on is the famous Cowboy Bebop. This is one of the most untouchable shows ever when it comes to criticism, but I am sticking my neck out and letting people know this show is overrated and over-hyped. Sometimes as a anime fan there are shows that you feel you have to like because other anime fans do or because you grew up watching it, and Bebop falls directly into that category. Cowboy Bebop has been on tv for 11 years and as a person who has seen the show over and over again, I can tell you bebop is not a great show. In fact at times it even sucks. If you tell anyone in the fandom this, they will tell you that your not a real anime fan and you dont know what great anime is.

No matter who you ask in the fandom the answer is the same, Bebop has great music and great character developments. In reality the music is ok, and the characters are decent. Just because the amazing Steve Blum voices Spike doesn't make him a good character.

I had always thought the show was overrated but didn't realize how bad it was until I watched Black Lagoon and realized it was what Cowboy Bebop should have been. Revy is a better Fay, Rock is a better spike, and Dutch is a better Jet Black. So Ive concluded cowboy bebop is a bad version of black lagoon.

Wow that rant is finally over lol sorry it was so long, hope you enjoy it.


Soul Eater Vol. 12 Review

Soul Eater is one of my favorite shows ever. I was trying to pick up with the manga and I didn't wanna start from vol 1. I heard vol 10 takes place about the end of the anime, but I started with vol 12 since it seemed pretty close to the last few episodes.

This vol takes place where Medusa is locked up at DWMA, Crona is gone and Kim and Jackie are gone. Now the beginning of the manga is way way way more pervy than I expected, but it was great!

Medusa makes a deal that puts her in charge of a group that would break into Baba Yaga castle. The group was Soul, Maka, Kid, Patty, Liz, Kilik, Ox, and Harver. Maka has no trust in Medusa at all.

This manga had some very funny parts. There was the pervy stuff in the start, there was the part where they showed Medusa's panties(in a little girls body) and maka's dad yelled out PUMPKIN PANTS! and also where maka gets hit on and liz and patty and this guy(forgot his name) seem to have a threesome, yes i said it lol.

This was a great manga, very funny and lots of action. So if your looking for a place to start after the anime, this is a good place to start.

Thanks for reading


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update time!

Just a quick update guys, we are now posting episodes up on, these will be up after we upload onto youtube. On you can download the episodes of otaku puppy and the episodes of bonus puppy. We will still be uploading to youtube tho this is just for downloading purposes.

Have a good night


Momocon video!

Hey guys! We went to Momocon last Saturday and we had a great time. We didnt get much footage but we did get a little bit, hope you guys enjoy what we have.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bonus Puppy Ep 10

Hey guys! We are back with another exciting episode of bonus puppy. We know we have been on a little break, but we will be coming with a lot of stuff for you guys in the coming weeks.

so until then hope you enjoy the episode!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Otaku Puppy Bark 8( Reposted)

Hey guys! We noticed that the recording service we were using expires the recording after a certain amount of days( guess thats why its free). So we are re uploading bark 8 using our new device.

Have a good day guys. MAHO OUT!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Otaku Puppy Bark 9

Hey Guys! We are finally back with a new episode of Otaku Puppy. This episode is one of the most random ones we have done, so we hope you have alot of laughs.


Vivid Red Operation



Dokidoki! Precure

Love Live!: School Idol Project



Line Offline: Salaryman

Kaiketsu Zorori Da-Da-Da-Daibouken!

Kagaku na Yatsura

Bonus Puppy Ep 9( The Epic Fail Episode)

Hey guys! We are back with another episode of bonus puppy, this episode is like no other because my camera went dead during the video. I started to not post it, but I figured our fans wanna hear it, so hope you guys enjoy!


Sunday, January 6, 2013

First Post of the New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYBODY! Hope everyone had a great New Years. This is our first new post of the new year, and this will be a update to let you guys know whats going to be going on with us schedule wise.

We plan to do a new episode of Otaku Puppy Monday, its gonna be a full show so we hope you guys enjoy it. Also coming up within the next two weeks I will be writing reviews for the animes: Knight Hunters: Eternity, and Gravitation. I will talk about this shows a little so you guys will know what to expect in the reviews.

Also we are hoping to try a do a panel at one of our local cons this year so wish us luck!

Thanks for sticking with us for a year, and we hope to make the show much better this year!