Monday, August 26, 2013

Puppy News!

Hey guys! Davius here with some random otaku news for everyone. This is actually some cosplay news. As im sure you all know, the show Heroes of Cosplay is out on SyFy, and I myself didnt really care for the first episode I thought it focused to much on the competition side of cosplay and not enough focus on the fun side of cosplay. I am someone who just cosplays for fun tho and I dont make my own costumes so maybe Im not the best to give an opinion on this.

So I was listening to CosPod yesterday and they were talking about cosplay in the media( you should check that episode on youtube) and they mentioned a documentary that PBS Atlanta did, so I googled it, and just got done watching a few minutes ago, I must say this is a very well done documentary. It focuses more on cosplayers who do it for the love of it, but it did also focus on some who do it professionally just not so over the top as HOC. One thing I really enjoyed at this documentary was how it showed the connection between the cosplayers and the community as a whole, and as someone who is from Georgia I really enjoyed that.

After watching this tho, Im not to sure if I would be considered a cosplayer( which I do consider myself) because I usually buy my costumes because I have no skills at all. Or when I do make a cosplay it consist of buying the pieces( clothes, accessories, wigs) and then just puts them together. But the pieces are already made.

But I guess it depends on what you consider a cosplayer, I consider it anyone who dresses up in a costume bought or made.

This was a awesome documentary tho and if your into cosplay I recommend  you check it out, ill link it in the bottom.

Ok, I think thats all on that sorry if I ranted to long.

Have a great day!


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