Sunday, November 23, 2014

Puppy Update Time! ( late night edition)

Hey guys! Back with a quick update for you guys. Right now while doing this update while watch cardcaptor sakura and a supermega force power rangers review. Ok now on to the update.

First with school about to be out for the semester, the game reviews are on the way. Not sure which game will be first but be on the lookout for some awesome game reviews.

Next I have filmed my post nerdacon video and I will be uploading it hopefully tomorrow. Also I will be uploading a anime classic review for the anime girl from phantasia, so I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Last update, Me and Robert have been trying to use google hangout for our barks but we are having trouble using it right now. I have not checked with him yet but I think we will start doing the podcast once a month, that seems to be able to fit our schedule more right now so look for our barks to pop up once a month.

Ok the update is over! thanks for reading and have a good night guys.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Puppy back in Full Force!

MAHO! Everyone, today we are back with great news! The puppy is back in full force. Finally Robert has made a comeback, and we are going to be better than ever. We are also going to be using google hangout to record or Bark episodes now so be on the lookout for out live episodes, yes Otaku Puppy is going live!

Have a good day everyone and the Puppy is back!


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bonus Puppy 18

Hey Guys! Were back with another great Bonus Puppy for you guys. I hope you all enjoy and be on the lookout for more.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Puppy Update!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you guys a heads up of what you can expect to see coming within the end of the week and all of next week.

I will be uploading the latest episode of Bonus Puppy later on today, so I hope you all will enjoy it there is some really good content there.

Second coming up over the next few weeks I will be posting some game reviews both on the blog and on the youtube page.

The first batch of reviews will be:


Ranma 1/2 Hard Battle(snes)

Dragon ball z ultimate 22(Playstation)

Inuyasha a feudal fairy tale(Playstation)

So I hope you guys will enjoy these reviews I have not decided which ones will be reviewed on which source but they will be coming soon.

Ok just wanted to give you guys a heads up so until next time.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classic Puppy Review: Bounty Dog(OVA)

Hey Guys! I'm back today with a classic review for you. I will be reviewing the anime Bounty Dog witch is a ova series from 1994. Now I never claim to be the most in depth reviewer but I just try to have fun with my reviews so hopefully you guys enjoy them. Well without further wait lets get to the review.

Where do I start with Bounty Dog, this anime is one that is a bit on the horrible side as far as story and characters goes, and to be completely honest in still not sure what the first episode was all about.  The story of this anime is basically bounty hunters who live in a space station on the moon and then hunt and fight the darkness. The main character is a guy by the name of Yoshiyuki. He is the only member of the bounty hunters that you actually interact with during the first episode the other two members make small appearances. 

The first episode is very confusing especially after he meets the girl who looks like a girl he know on earth. The bad thing is they dont give you any back story until episode two so all the interaction between the two of them makes no sense and you dont understand why she is doing the things she is doing until the second episode. Once you get to episode two they give you a complete backstory and while this anime is very terrible the second episode is actually not that bad. It has some good fighting scenes and one of my favorite quotes, "If the darkness destroys the moon I will miss the superbowl this year". This anime kind of comes to an end with the second episode but there are alot of gaps.

All in all this is what you get when you have a ok story that just doesnt make for a good anime. The show is horrible but if you like old school science fiction animes this would be one to watch and you really could skip most of the first episode since no information is given until the second episode. I would give bounty dog a 3/10 only because I enjoyed the fights in the second episode.

Well I hope you all enjoy this review and thanks for reading.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Bonus Puppy 17

Hey Guys! Finally bonus puppy has returned! I hope you guys enjoy the episode.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Full load of otakuness!

Hey guys! Just letting you all know tomorrow will be a very busy day for us. I will be uploading a bonus puppy and a otaku puppy. I will also be writing up a review for the classic anime Bounty Dog. So be sure to keep a look out on the blog and youtube page.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Two new episodes coming!

Hey guys! thought we were gone didnt you? NOPE were back, well I am anyway. This is Davius of course and I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be back with a Bonus puppy tomorrow and a few reviews of some shows from the anime season.

So look tomorrow for a lot of content to be out thanks for sticking with us!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update Time Again!

Hey Guys! I know It has been a while but we are back with a update. Again it is still just me(Davius) not sure what is up with robert but until I find out it will just be me.

Ok on to the update. As most of you know the winter season of anime just ended, so I will be going over the shows I watched and rating them.

I will also be doing some game reviews. I recently got a psp( yes the old one) and just got back to playing my ps1.....yes ps1. So i will be reviewing dbz ultimate 22 on ps1 and Amnesia and Hatsune Miku Diva 2 on psp.

There will be some classic reviews coming to just not sure which shows i will be watching yet.

So sorry for the delay and as of right now it will just be me doing the videos and the post hopefully we can get the whole crew together again until them the otaku puppy must move forward!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sorry about the white boxes

Sorry about the white boxes on the text not sure how to fix it.

Sorry it has been so so so long!

Hey Guys! we are finally back! We are sorry it has taken so long but i have been busy with school and still no word from robert yet, but I am having some free time due to gaps in work so I will be back posting more reviews here and more bonus puppy and classic reviews on youtube. For now we are back with some news.

Alot has been going on in the anime world lately so I just wanted to post about a few of them.

First up:  Durarara! is back with a new season. As a big fan of the series i am really excited for season 2. More of these great characters and this great story I cant wait. I heard that It will take place 6 months after the events of the first series. 

Second: There is a new tv promo out for the new Fairy Tail anime coming out. Im not sure if this is a reboot( like FMA brotherhood) or if its a continuation of the original series, but im hoping for a reboot because after the last arc i was watching(episodes 85+) the story was going downhill. I will link the trailer below.

Third: Season 2 of Sword Art Online has gotten a relase date. It will be coming out in July. I must say I am very excited for this I am a huge sword art online fan(even cosplayed Kirito) Im excited and I see they have a trailer so I will post it below also.

Lastly: This is a bit of old news but I just recently got a original psp so this news excited me. The anime K has a Otome game coming out on the psp called Gakuen K. No release date is announced but it will be coming sometime this year. This is one of the reason I got a psp was to play Japanese games and I loved this anime...alot lol.

Well that is it for all the news I have for now, hope you all enjoy. I will be back tomorrow with a bonus and classic puppy.


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Puppy Classic Review: Dead Heat OVA

Hey guys! sorry to be gone so long but we are back with more great stuff for you guys. This is a brand new classic review, hope you guys enjoy. There will be another classic review and a bonus puppy coming soon.

Have a good night