Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classic Puppy Review: Bounty Dog(OVA)

Hey Guys! I'm back today with a classic review for you. I will be reviewing the anime Bounty Dog witch is a ova series from 1994. Now I never claim to be the most in depth reviewer but I just try to have fun with my reviews so hopefully you guys enjoy them. Well without further wait lets get to the review.

Where do I start with Bounty Dog, this anime is one that is a bit on the horrible side as far as story and characters goes, and to be completely honest in still not sure what the first episode was all about.  The story of this anime is basically bounty hunters who live in a space station on the moon and then hunt and fight the darkness. The main character is a guy by the name of Yoshiyuki. He is the only member of the bounty hunters that you actually interact with during the first episode the other two members make small appearances. 

The first episode is very confusing especially after he meets the girl who looks like a girl he know on earth. The bad thing is they dont give you any back story until episode two so all the interaction between the two of them makes no sense and you dont understand why she is doing the things she is doing until the second episode. Once you get to episode two they give you a complete backstory and while this anime is very terrible the second episode is actually not that bad. It has some good fighting scenes and one of my favorite quotes, "If the darkness destroys the moon I will miss the superbowl this year". This anime kind of comes to an end with the second episode but there are alot of gaps.

All in all this is what you get when you have a ok story that just doesnt make for a good anime. The show is horrible but if you like old school science fiction animes this would be one to watch and you really could skip most of the first episode since no information is given until the second episode. I would give bounty dog a 3/10 only because I enjoyed the fights in the second episode.

Well I hope you all enjoy this review and thanks for reading.


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