Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sorry for the delay

Sorry everyone, due to excessive homework, the third part of the rant series will be up next week.

See you all then, MAHO OUT!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Rant Series Part 2

Whats up people! Hope everyone is doing good, we are back with another rant, I hope you all enjoyed the last one. So let's get this started, this week's rant is on the one and only Hetalia.

Where do I begin with this show, guess ill start from the beginning. When I first saw this show reviewed in Otaku USA, I had just finished Ouran High School Host Club and so when I read the review it sounded like a similar show, little did I know that I was in for something that would almost melt my brain. Hetalia is just bad on so many levels, the first thing I noticed was the fact that they talked very fast and all at once a lot,  and it got lame quick ( I do the pasta thing Italy does).

Now I am a fan of random animes and I found that Hetalia was just trying to hard to be funny and the jokes are just not there. I do understand why it has such a following but I don't understand why it's bigger  than shows like Pani Poni Dash who do the random thing really great, but I guess that comes down to what is advertised the most.

One last thing I have to rant on is the fanbase. Hetalia fans are so extreme, they almost suck you in when you see them at a con, my advise is to just run as fast as you can. All in all, I do know why people enjoy this show, it's just not for me.

Well this is another rant in the books, next weeks rant will be a special one, because it will be on Spice and Wolf, one of the most boring shows every.

Have a good day, MAHO OUT!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Otaku Puppy Presents: The Rant Series

You ever see a anime that just makes you wanna scream because its either bad, lame or just over hyped. I understand exactly how you feel and thats why im doing this rant series, because these shows really grind my gears.

The first show up to kick off this series is.....K-ON!. Where do I start, now as a fan of music Animes like Beck and Detroit Metal City I do understand why people love K-ON! but my problem starts with how outrageous the fan base has gotten and how they seen to put the K-ON! name on everything, just this morning I saw a K-ON! leather jacket.......really? Seems like K-ON! has reached that Hello Kitty level to where people will put the name on anything and hope people will buy it. I feel like shows like Beck, which is an amazing show, doesn't get the credit it deserves because there is not a lot of girls in it, but Beck shows the struggles of being a band. For you K-ON! fans, I'm not saying its a bad show I'm just saying that its over hyped. Ok well this rant is over,next weeks rant will be on Hetalia, I'm gonna enjoy ripping it lol.

Have a good day