Thursday, March 8, 2012

Otaku Puppy Presents: The Rant Series

You ever see a anime that just makes you wanna scream because its either bad, lame or just over hyped. I understand exactly how you feel and thats why im doing this rant series, because these shows really grind my gears.

The first show up to kick off this series is.....K-ON!. Where do I start, now as a fan of music Animes like Beck and Detroit Metal City I do understand why people love K-ON! but my problem starts with how outrageous the fan base has gotten and how they seen to put the K-ON! name on everything, just this morning I saw a K-ON! leather jacket.......really? Seems like K-ON! has reached that Hello Kitty level to where people will put the name on anything and hope people will buy it. I feel like shows like Beck, which is an amazing show, doesn't get the credit it deserves because there is not a lot of girls in it, but Beck shows the struggles of being a band. For you K-ON! fans, I'm not saying its a bad show I'm just saying that its over hyped. Ok well this rant is over,next weeks rant will be on Hetalia, I'm gonna enjoy ripping it lol.

Have a good day

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