Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Update Time Again!

Hey Guys! I know It has been a while but we are back with a update. Again it is still just me(Davius) not sure what is up with robert but until I find out it will just be me.

Ok on to the update. As most of you know the winter season of anime just ended, so I will be going over the shows I watched and rating them.

I will also be doing some game reviews. I recently got a psp( yes the old one) and just got back to playing my ps1.....yes ps1. So i will be reviewing dbz ultimate 22 on ps1 and Amnesia and Hatsune Miku Diva 2 on psp.

There will be some classic reviews coming to just not sure which shows i will be watching yet.

So sorry for the delay and as of right now it will just be me doing the videos and the post hopefully we can get the whole crew together again until them the otaku puppy must move forward!