Thursday, April 26, 2018

Soul Eater Not! Forgotten Anime 11?

Hey Guys! Hope you all are doing well. Con season is in full effect, I went to Tekko in Pittsburgh and had a great time and LM.C was epic, next up is MoMocon here in Georgia and im looking forward to it.

So I am back today to bring you guys another forgotten anime discussion, I have been wanting to do another one for a while but I was not sure what anime to discuss until I scanned threw my list on MAL and I found the perfect show to discuss. The show I will be discussing today is the one and only......Soul Eater Not!.

Soul Eater Not was a spin-off of the anime Soul Eater, and it debuted in 2014. Soul Eater Not takes place a year before the events in Soul Eater. Before I started watching this series, I have bought the first volume of the manga and I didnt really think it was anything special but once the anime came out I decided to watch it and I actually really enjoyed the series. The main reason I am doing this as a forgotten anime is because The series didnt get alot of positive feedback at least from what I saw and people just did not care for the series. While the series Is not as great as the original I still thought it was a solid show and I enjoyed that it was a little more light-hearted  in sections.

I didnt realize that it had been 2014 when this series debuted because after it was over I have heard no one talk about the series and its as if the show just disappeared off the anime map, so I wanted to try and shine a little light on a series that I felt didnt get a fair shot because as they say "the sequel  is never as good as the Original".

Alright that does it for this discussion, Thank you all for reading!