Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sorry about the white boxes

Sorry about the white boxes on the text not sure how to fix it.

Sorry it has been so so so long!

Hey Guys! we are finally back! We are sorry it has taken so long but i have been busy with school and still no word from robert yet, but I am having some free time due to gaps in work so I will be back posting more reviews here and more bonus puppy and classic reviews on youtube. For now we are back with some news.

Alot has been going on in the anime world lately so I just wanted to post about a few of them.

First up:  Durarara! is back with a new season. As a big fan of the series i am really excited for season 2. More of these great characters and this great story I cant wait. I heard that It will take place 6 months after the events of the first series. 

Second: There is a new tv promo out for the new Fairy Tail anime coming out. Im not sure if this is a reboot( like FMA brotherhood) or if its a continuation of the original series, but im hoping for a reboot because after the last arc i was watching(episodes 85+) the story was going downhill. I will link the trailer below.

Third: Season 2 of Sword Art Online has gotten a relase date. It will be coming out in July. I must say I am very excited for this I am a huge sword art online fan(even cosplayed Kirito) Im excited and I see they have a trailer so I will post it below also.


Lastly: This is a bit of old news but I just recently got a original psp so this news excited me. The anime K has a Otome game coming out on the psp called Gakuen K. No release date is announced but it will be coming sometime this year. This is one of the reason I got a psp was to play Japanese games and I loved this anime...alot lol.

Well that is it for all the news I have for now, hope you all enjoy. I will be back tomorrow with a bonus and classic puppy.