Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tokko: Forgotten Anime 5?

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Was hoping to be back before now but got a little busy. Im back this week with another forgotten anime, and this anime is a really special one because it is one of my all time favorites. The forgotten anime that i will be talking about is Tokko. If the name sounds familiar thats because it did air on Syfy. Ok lets get started.

I must say i believe that Tokko is one of those hidden anime gems that never got the real shine it deserved. Tokko like so many other animes came out in a year that was full of other very memorable animes. The year was 06 and that saw the likes of Black Lagoon, Code Geass and a personal favorite the one and only Ouran host club. Tokko is one of those animes that can be a little hard to describe to some one who hasn't seen it, but the best way i can put it is imagine if bleach was a police anime and ichigo and friends were cops killing hollows. That is basically what Tokko is they are a special forces team that fights demons, The backstory of course like many has a big massacre that took place and now its human vs demons. I remember seeing the show during the syfy anime block and i was hooked right away, yes the dub is not the best but show has really great content. One say thing is that the show is only 13 episodes but if im not mistaken either they are not all dubbed or there was suppose to be more but the show never finished.

The show had a lot of potential but it is just not one of those shows that you here people talk about. I am not even sure many people know the show exist lol I really wish people would dig more into it, yes it looks likes a 90s show in 2006 but it is fun and a bit Gorey at times. I hope this convinces some people to go and check it out the dvds are not to hard to find and it should be on any fan sub site *coughs* kissanime.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this forgotten anime segment. I love bringing these gems back to the light. Thanks as always for reading and be on the lookout for some more post soon.

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