Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Claymore: Forgotten Anime 6?

Hey Guys! hope everyone is doing great. Its that time again I'm back with another forgotten anime for you guys. I randomly saw this show a few days ago and realized I had also forgotten about it, its one of those shows that i just never finished but did see enough to possible know why its forgotten.

The forgotten anime that i will be talking about today is Claymore. When I first got into anime back around 09 once I got pass the big 3 one of the animes that i remember hearing about was Claymore. It was pretty popular online and I always heard good things about it. One of the reasons I believe Claymore has become forgotten is the same problem I had when I watched the anime and that is the pacing of it. While Claymore has a really good story the pacing to me always felt slow, its the main reason I dropped the show. If you look at some of the shows that came out during that time in 07 when Claymore did, they all were action packed as well as good story. Animes such as Gurren Lagann and Afro Samurai both are very action packed and in my opinion also had good stories. Claymore is one of those animes that is not really that hard to find especially the dub, so maybe people will go back and revisit it. I also liked that from what I remember  all the Claymores were women but they were strong female leads which can be rare in today's anime lol

Well i think that ends it. Hopefully some of you will go back and revisit this anime, and if i missed any details about the show please feel free to comment as I'm going only based on what I watched.

Thanks for reading, will be back soon with more post. Until next time