Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Black Butler: Book Of Murder Review

Hey guys! I am back this week with another review for you guys. For those of you who don't know i am a huge Black Butler fan (one of the few guys who like it lol). I'm one of the people who actually loved the second season of the original anime so i was excited when book of circus came out. Circus was amazing and really loved the new characters. When I heard book of murder was coming out I started the hype train right away. So did book of murder live up to the awesomeness that was book of circus?

First I must say i was a bit surprised when Book of Murder was a OVA and not a full season but making them a hour long was actually a good idea. Book of Murder is your basic dinner party murder mystery with a who done it scenario. You have you basic cast of characters here, including a few new ones,  and they all seemed to blend in very well that helped the story flow. Now I will say that while yes the episodes were a hour long I felt especially is episode two that a lot of the story was rushed and the shocking reveal kinda missed its mark. I felt that given that there were a few disposable characters in this show that they could have maybe kept the murder mystery going a little long instead of just quickly revealing the secret. I thought it was strange to that even though Snake was revealed to be the missing guest, but you never saw or at least i didn't any mysterious shadow lurking around.

While I did enjoy Book of Murder, I was also a little disappointed because the  story just seemed a little lackluster and episode 2 just felt rushed. All in all while i did enjoy Book of Murder it did not live up to the Hype of Book of circus. I just really felt like they could have used one more episode.

Sorry to all my fellow Black Butler fans hope yall arent to mad lol.

Thanks for reading