Sunday, November 23, 2014

Puppy Update Time! ( late night edition)

Hey guys! Back with a quick update for you guys. Right now while doing this update while watch cardcaptor sakura and a supermega force power rangers review. Ok now on to the update.

First with school about to be out for the semester, the game reviews are on the way. Not sure which game will be first but be on the lookout for some awesome game reviews.

Next I have filmed my post nerdacon video and I will be uploading it hopefully tomorrow. Also I will be uploading a anime classic review for the anime girl from phantasia, so I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Last update, Me and Robert have been trying to use google hangout for our barks but we are having trouble using it right now. I have not checked with him yet but I think we will start doing the podcast once a month, that seems to be able to fit our schedule more right now so look for our barks to pop up once a month.

Ok the update is over! thanks for reading and have a good night guys.

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