Sunday, October 6, 2013

Puppy Movie Review!

Hey guys! Davius back again. Right now im in the middle of watching toonami( not a big IGPX fan tho) and I figured what time than now to bring you a movie review. Hopefully we will be getting these posted once a month. So the first movie up is one that I have heard so much about, all positive. Everyone seems to love this movie, so last night, I sat down on my bed and finally watched the movie Wolf Children, and i must say this movie was.........AMAZING! This movie lived up to all they hype I had heard and then some.

To give a short run down of what this movie is about: Wolf Children is about Hana a 19 year old student who falls in love with a guy who turn outs to be a werewolf. They fall in love and eventually have two children, when *Spoiler* the father dies, this is just one of the many sad scenes in this movie. This was more shocking to me than anything, but the rest of this movie follows the journey of this single mother not only raising two children but raising two children who are half wolf.

This movie is one that will pull at all your heart strings, it will give you feelings of happiness, sadness, and joy. Some of my favorite scenes in the movie are when the daughter Yuki is young and whenever she throws a fit, she will turn into a wolf until she gets what she wants. Also another favorite scene was at the point that you could tell that both children Yuki and Ame are really going down their own path, and that was when they both got into a giant fight and just destroyed the house, you could really see both personalities coming to a head.

This is just an amazing movie, and as you follow this families life you cant help but fall in love with them. This movie is a must see for any fan of animes that you can really connect to. I give it a 5/5.

Well that was mt review, I really hope you guys enjoyed it, we will be back at the end of the month( or sooner) with another movie review.

Have a good night guys.


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