Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Rant Series(Kinda)

Series to rant on: Cowboy Bebop

The rant series is finally back, and this one will be a special one because this is a show that people would never ever dare say anything bad about. This is the one show that if you speak bad about it, someone in the fandom may hurt you.........BAD.

The first thing I will be ranting on is the famous Cowboy Bebop. This is one of the most untouchable shows ever when it comes to criticism, but I am sticking my neck out and letting people know this show is overrated and over-hyped. Sometimes as a anime fan there are shows that you feel you have to like because other anime fans do or because you grew up watching it, and Bebop falls directly into that category. Cowboy Bebop has been on tv for 11 years and as a person who has seen the show over and over again, I can tell you bebop is not a great show. In fact at times it even sucks. If you tell anyone in the fandom this, they will tell you that your not a real anime fan and you dont know what great anime is.

No matter who you ask in the fandom the answer is the same, Bebop has great music and great character developments. In reality the music is ok, and the characters are decent. Just because the amazing Steve Blum voices Spike doesn't make him a good character.

I had always thought the show was overrated but didn't realize how bad it was until I watched Black Lagoon and realized it was what Cowboy Bebop should have been. Revy is a better Fay, Rock is a better spike, and Dutch is a better Jet Black. So Ive concluded cowboy bebop is a bad version of black lagoon.

Wow that rant is finally over lol sorry it was so long, hope you enjoy it.


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