Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Pilot's Love Song: Forgotten Anime 13?

Hey guys! hope you are all doing well, sorry I haven't posted much lately ive just been busy with school and work but this is one of two new post that will be up in the following weeks so yay lol. First ill be back with this post and then the second post will be my post for the Reverse Thieves Secret Santa Project so im excited for that.

So today I am back with another forgotten anime, and apparently I had also forgotten this anime even though I loved it when I was watching it. This anime is called The Pilot's Love Song and it came out in the Winter 2014 anime season. The first thing I remember about the series was the interactions between the students at the pilot school, it reminds me a bit like Attack on Titan especially once the series picks up. Like most of these forgotten animes it came out in a season with a few big series such as Hamatora and Space Dandy.

I feel like this show got forgotten just because overtime I dont think it really clicked with alot of fans and if the reviews on MAL are any indication people thought it was just ok at best but I personally rated the show a 10/10. The show does have a high school feel to it but for me I found the story and characters to be really captivating and interesting.

Overall I would recommend this show to anyone who loves anime about pilots, planes or even just those high school slice of life types of anime that actually has a good story this anime will be for you and im glad to shine some light on it.

Well I hope you enjoyed my ramble and hope you will be back for my next post, so until next time have a great day and.....


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