Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Descendants Of Darkness: Forgotten Anime 7?

Hey guys, finally back with another post. Been meaning to post before now but have gotten busy with school but now finals are done and im back. The anime that I want to talk about today is one that is understandable forgotten but one i think should be mentioned and that anime is Descendants of Darkness.

Once again Descendants of Darkness is one of those anime's that i watched back when syfy had their animonday block. Im not entirely sure how do describe it but they are cops who are dead and now hunt down demonic things. The show while it looks like a late 90's show it came out in 2000 and while the show looks a little old its not enough to bother you from watching it. When i was looking up to see what came out the same year as this i didn't see a lot of shows that should have overshadowed it besides the great Digiomon D2 lol. I think descendants got lost in the shuffle because it just didn't stand  out enough for anime fans to pick up on.

I personally enjoyed the show because while the plot is a little thin at times it does have a little bit of everything, there are some good action scenes, there are some good characters and if you like yaoi there is a bit of that to. Descendants i dont think will ever be a show that many people watch but i think the few that do will enjoy it as i did. Hopefully a few of you will go back and check this series out if only for the talking bird.

Well thank you all for reading and hopefully i have given you another anime to add to your collection.


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