Thursday, September 7, 2017

Eclipse Animation update

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing great. Hopefully you all have been enjoying Eclipse Animation, and today im here with a update for you guys. First I had to go in a change the format for Eclipse because We wanted to make it like a traditional tv channel so i deleted the old channel and started a new one and with the new one its 24/7 so shows will play threw and when you start watching you will just jump into a show just like you would if you were changing channels at home. Secondly we now have a tv guide so can see what shows will be on threw out the day, and lastly fridays-sundays for the time being will just be movies all weekend.

Well these are just a few updates and i hope you guys keep enjoying Eclipse Animation. If you have any recommendations for animes or movies you want to see on the channel feel free to email us at


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