Friday, August 25, 2017

Puppy Update!

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well, and if your having any cons where you are I hope your having fun. I just wanted to pop in a give you guys a little update. You should soon see(if not already) a video player should be on the right side of the blog. Over the past week or so me and robert were throwing ideas around about making a anime related "tv" channel, first we thought about going the public acess tv route , but then we got lazy and that sounded like to much work lol so we decided to go online. Since this is just a hobbie project the first site i found which has a really good setup wanted us to pay 10$ a we passed, but the sited we decided on while a little more basic set up allows us to play directly from a playlist that we can add to and the channel will update automatically.

So the video player you see is our new anime "tv" channel called Eclipse Animation(thank Robert for the name) and the goal of this channel is to have a place for you guys to watch anime that you may not have heard of as well as random episodes of shows you have seen and episodes of shows to introduce you to a new series. As of right now we will be pulling random animes we find on youtube into the channel but soon we will try to add in shows from our personal collection.

At the moment we do now have a real schedule due to site not really allowing one, but I do have sort of a weekly outlook for you guys. Monday-Thursday the channel will show classic and newer anime from all genres all day, and warning not all of these will be first episodes, and then Friday-Sunday the channel will be showing complete blocks of different series, this will be from episode 1 on threw and this block will also include anime movies. Oh and everything shown will be dubbed and subbed.

We hope you guys will enjoy this channel as its just somethig fun we wanted to do. so thanks for reading and watching!


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