Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Panty and Stocking With Garter belt: Forgotten Anime 10?

Hey guys! Hope your all doing well. Im finally back with a new blog post, I was hoping to do one sooner but all this homework from school has been piling up so ive been working on getting it all under control lol. Today im coming back with another forgotten anime, now this time i couldnt figure out what anime to talk about at first, I was scrolling threw my myanimelist to see what shows I had watched and then it hit me lets talk about the classic Panty and Stocking!

Where do we start with Panty and Stocking, i will admit it was definitely one of my favorite animes back in 2011, the show had the perfect mix of pervy, pervy and a little more pervy lol I mean we had a angel that loved sex. This was one of those animes that you expected to somewhat have a selected audience but was surprisingly popular with alot of anime fans. The main reason im talking about this show today is because while the show was popular 4 to 5 years later its not a show you hear anyone really talk about but when you look at some of the shows that came out during that time like Deadman wonderland, Bakuman, Blue exorcist and a personal favorite Mayo Chicki so with so many good shows for panty and stocking to stick out the way it did shows that it had something that caught fans attention.

For me Panty and Stocking will go down as one of those animes that you can just watch when you need a good laugh and dont mind putting your mind in the gutter for a little while, the show is just good old dirty fun that anyone can enjoy.

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