Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Rant Series part 3

Howdy everybody! I know this blog is 2 weeks behind, sorry guys. Just got busy with school and then spring break, but we are back and the rant series will continue.

So, the third and final rant is on a show that I have heard so many people praise about how great it is, this show is Spice and Wolf.

Well where do I begin with this show, well when Funimation Channel had this show I avoided it, until one day my mom started watching it, and within the first 10 min I knew this show was crap lol. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful show as far as looks, but the story or lack there of and all the economic talk bored me to death.

I mean seriously, how interesting is a dude and a wolf selling things and talking economics, oh wait its not. Every episode has the same thing, them riding around, talking economics, and selling items, wow thats not a waste of 30 min at all.

I just dont understand what people see in this show. I could be missing something but my mom watched it and was just as bored, so Spice and Wolf you SUCK!.

Oh, that was a special rant, so I hope you all enjoyed it. Well the rant series is over hope you all enjoyed it. We will be back next week and I will be doing a review of a manga I bought at Momocon called King of Hell.

See you all next week, MAHO OUT!!!

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