Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The New Toonami Schedule

Well im sure you all have seen by now that the new toonami lineup is out. I must say Im pleased with what they have out so far, especially since i never got around to finishing Deadman Wonderland. Also Casshern Sins seems like it will pull in early rating, which they will need if we want to keep toonami around, Ive heard a few people say bleach should have been dropped but i disagree because right now thats the best anime on, so wouldn't make since to cut it. I do wish Bebop would have got cut tho, its a great show but it has been on way way way to long, time to let it rest.

For right now, i must say i think anime fans will be happy with whats out for now, hopefully we all view in so they get the ratings to get better shows.

So what do you think, leave comments saying if you like the lineup, hate it or hope it gets better.


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