Thursday, July 26, 2012

King of Hell Vol. 1 Review

Hey guys, this is Davius. I'll be doing a review of the manga King of Hell, this was a very interesting manga, so I hope you enjoy my review.

King of Hell is a manga I randomly came across while at Momocon, the cover looked interesting so I picked it up and interesting it is. The main character whose name is Majeh he is a envoy to the other world, pretty much when its your time to die he takes you to the other world. Now when this manga first started it was moving kinda slow and it was had to get a feel for it, but toward the middle it really started to pick up. About half way through you find out that Majeh was this really strong warrior who killed 30 men in the world of Moorim, but since he got his power the wrong way, he was summoned to be a envoy. The fight scenes in this manga are really good and very action packed. Toward the end Majeh runs into this old man and his grandson, he was looking for a evil spirit but the old man says that it already passed through, but then he and his grandson do something strange and to me this really made the manga, it was a very exciting ending.

One thing I really liked about this manga is that why it should be a serious manga, there is a lot of comedy in it and it really lighten things up and makes it very enjoyable.

I would recommend this manga if you enjoy mangas like  Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, because it reminds me of it in a way.

Well thats my review, I'm about to start vol.2 and ill review it as soon as possible.

Have a good day, MAHO OUT!

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