Wednesday, January 30, 2019

NGT48 Idol Apologizes for Allegedly being Assaulted....Wait SHE apologizes!?

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great week so far and if your in the South I hope your enjoying all the cold weather we are having lol.

So I was reading a article a few weeks ago about a member of the Idol group NGT48 who was allegedly assaulted by two men( who were later arrested) yet after the ordeal she was the one who apologized( no doubt by force) to her fans for the alleged assault. That is why im typing up this post today because once again the idol culture has failed to surprise me, the fact that she had to issue an apology for this situation just shows how much these companies dont actually care about the Idols well being.

Granted this situation is alleged but still an apology is the last thing that should have come out of this situation especially from her. Fans in the Idol culture have been known to be possessive and obsessive and this is just more proof of that. I wont go on to long about this but I thought it was ridiculous and some people have stated that they think she may have been lying due to no charges being pressed  but either way if she felt unsafe then she has nothing to apologize for.

Thanks for reading my post and sorry if I rambled on a bit in the end. Hope you all have a great weekend and until next time...


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