Thursday, September 27, 2012

TOTO! Vol. 1 Review

Hey Guys! Hope everyone is having a great Otaku Day.  I'm here with my review of the manga TOTO! I don't know if many of you have heard of this manga, but i really enjoyed it, its really fun and just enjoyable. Well off to the review!

The story starts out by showing this really fancy aircraft that people are on, and in no time, the ship gets robbed by this group of men called the Man Chicken Family. It then switches to where we meet the main character Kakashi, a young boy who loves to go on adventures even tho he sucks at ever really going on one.

Him and his friends are messing around when the ship that got robbed crashes on there island. Kakashi sees this as his last chance to escape the island and finally go on an adventure. Right before the ship takes off   he finds away to sneak on, which leads to a whole lot of trouble and him finding a dog. it was very funny.

While on the ship Kakashi and the boss have a kinda heart to heart moment in which kakashi tells about his dad. The ship later gets attacked and everyone has to escape but one person gets left behind. This leads to kakashi being thrown to a new place, where he finds some food that he kinda steals. This is where we meet a new character Dorthy. She finds the dog and names him ToTo.

She meets kakashi they go back and forth for a while, until the military shows up and they get chased by them. Luckily they find this old man who offers to take them to his house to feed them and give them a place to stay for the night.

Little did they know things were not as they seemed. I wont ruin the ending but it was a shocker.

For a manga that I just randomly bought I really enjoyed it, and cant wait to see how the story goes from here.

This manga has a real one piece feel to it and I think thats why I liked it so much. so if you like one piece i say check this out.

I hope you guys enjoy the review I will have volume 2 review up probably next week because im getting ready for AWA. So have a good day!


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