Thursday, September 13, 2012


Whats up people! Just wanted to give you guys a update on whats next with Otaku puppy.

First up, Atlanta is having JapanFest this Saturday and Sunday, I have never been to this event but it looks very fun and its celebrating the culture of Japan. If your in the area you should come buy and check it out. It's from 10-6 p.m. and is only $8.

The second update is Anime Weekend Atlanta is coming up next weekend, we cant wait it was awesome last year so hopefully this year will be even better. I just came up with this but hopefully we can do a otaku puppy episode and tell you guys how the con was and maybe making a video showing yall all the goodies we get.

lastly I'm not sure if robert  will be going to japanfest yet. If he is we will probably do and otaku puppy episode for it, if not I'll do a bonus puppy about it so be on the look out for that sometime Saturday

Have a good day fellow Otakus


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