Tuesday, December 11, 2012

moribito the guardian of the spirit Review

I remember when this show first appeared on Adult Swim back in 2008 it looked like an interesting show, so I was interested right away. After awhile I started to lose enjoyment in the show, the story was getting confusing and was really going nowhere. Then about that time Adult Swim pulled the plug on the show and at the time I was thinking, "Its about time this crappy show is gone."

Fast forward to now and I have a brand new outlook on this show. When I was recommended this show to watch I wanted to scream, but once I stared watching, I couldn't wait to see the next episode. The story and the pace of the show had me wanting more. The characters really blended well together, especially the bond between Balsa and the prince. Not to mention the look of this show is beautiful.

This show really had a good mix of everything a good anime should be. I now find myself wondering why did  AS not realize what a good show they had? and why didn't people watch? As one of those people who didn't watch, I now regret  it but am glad I watched this time around.

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