Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toto! Vol 2 Review

Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well. Well after putting this off for way to long, I am back with the Toto vol 2 review.

No more waiting lets get this started!

When this vol starts, you find out pretty early that Toto is actually a test subject for the government, which is why they want him back at any cost. Kakashi starts to fuse with Toto and he becomes apart of his arm, and then things get really wild.

The army attempts to stop Kakashi but as they start to fail, they call in Corpal Cobin. The Lieutenant thinks that he is there to help him, but instead Cobin kills him. But before he died he did explain that toto was a assecorie and that there are 12 total including the one Cobin has.

After they excape, Kakashi, Toto, and Dorthy go to Dego City aka The Locomotive City. When they get there, they realize that the army is destroying the trains to make more weapons. Turns out the army controls the city and there are no trains left.

There is one army member named Neil who wants to be a comedian and not in the army, but the problem is that he is not funny, and he also really loves trains.

Toward the end, a big chase happens, the army wants Kakashi and Dorthy dead or alive at this point, but lucky for them neil turned his house into a Train.

That is how this volume ends, and I must say I am really enjoying this manga. Its funny with just enough action to balance it out.

Hope you all enjoy this review, Have a great day!


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