Thursday, June 11, 2015

Final Fantasy Type-O Manga First Impression

Hey Guys! Davius here, Im back today with a first impression of the Final Fantasy Type O Manga. I got the manga a few months ago in a issue of Otaku USA Magazine. This manga is just a demo but it gives you a pretty good insight of the characters. So here is the review!

The first thing that I notice right away in this manga is that each character has very strong personalities. Right away i was captivated by the characters especially Ace, who if you watch Seraph of The End he is basically the same character as Yu. Another this is most of the other characters have names that are based on numbers, I think this is due to the order of which they were brought into the "Family". The basic plot of this sample is taking you threw them battling a giant robot type monster attacking them and them going threw the process of fighting. I would go to long because there is not much to talk about although the characters do have really good interactions with each other and although they are not related they act like real brothers and sisters.

The manga overall was good, I enjoyed the characters and it was a pretty good read. I am not sure when the full manga is coming out but if you have not played the game yet, I would say read at least a little of the manga just so that you can get a feel for the characters.

Well I hope you guys enjoy the First impression, sorry I did not go into alot of detail but there was not a lot given due to in being a sample, but hope you guys enjoy!

Maho Out!

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