Monday, June 29, 2015

Puppy Update! New Member

Hey Guys! We have some big news today, we know we have not been doing many barks lately due to free time not being available either for me or for Robert. So that we can get barks out on a more consistent basis, we would like you all to welcome out new co-host Zombie_Pegasus. He has agreed to come on as a guest host for when Robert can not do barks.

He also has his own youtube channel that I will link to, I think he will be a great addition to the team and according to myanimelist we have 74% anime in interest lol. I hope you guys will enjoy him on the show and he will probably start being on barks in the coming weeks.

Well that is our update, we want to give you guys the best content that we can and hopefully this is the next step in doing that so we hope you guys will enjoy the coming barks.

Thanks for reading!

MAHO OUT....Wait not yet, I finally finished Clannad so look out for a review on that soon and I am now about to Start After Story

ok now MAHO OUT!

Zombie's My anime list:

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