Thursday, August 23, 2018

Twin Star Exorcists: Forgotten Anime 12?

Hey guys! hope everyone is doing well, first I would like to say thank you for all the views on the blog and I hope you guys have been enjoying the content. There will be more blogs coming and im hoping to have them come out every Wednesday. Today im bringing you guys another Forgotten anime post and the anime im discussing is one that Im a bit shocked about because I didnt expect it to be overlooked or pushed aside. The anime of discussion for today is none other than Twin Star Exorcists.

Twin Star Exorcists is a anime that debuted during the Spring 2016 anime season, and fun fact I had just read the first volume of the manga a few months before the anime was announced. Given how great I thought the manga was I was really excited for the anime and couldnt wait to see the rest of the story. Now given that this is a forgotten anime post I must say that I did drop the show but not because it was bad but because I got to far behind and I was just a bit to lazy to catch up.

Now the show did come out during the same season as a small anime that you may know called My Hero Academia, and while I personally think Twin Star is a lot better given that they were both Shonen animes I can see why Twin Star may have gotten lost in the Shonen shuffle. I do plan to go back pretty soon and revisit this series and I honestly wouldnt mind seeing it pop up on Toonami because I think it would be a perfect fit.

The show does have a dub, so hopefully that will draw some people to it that may have not watched before or who dropped the series as I did before. Well I hope that this post will shine a little light on the series because I do think its a awesome series. As always thanks for reading!


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