Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hanebado! The Underwhelming Sports Anime

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well, sorry I havent posted a blog in a while but school and work have been keeping me busy but they will be coming on a more regular basis from now on. To all my Georgia Otakus I hope you all have a great weekend at AWA, Im not able to go this year due to car trouble but hope you all stay safe.

So as we come to the end of this current season of anime, I must say I have been enjoying a few shows especially Banna Fish( My show of the season) but there is one show that has just not lived up to the hype(not sure if there was any lol) and that show us the sports anime Hanebado! the badminton anime.

I dont know where to start talking about Hanebado! its half sports anime half slice of life anime and its not a really a good version of either genre. At times the competition aspect of the show is intense but at times the play just seems a weak plot point. The show also especially during the first few episodes does this weird Villain of the week thing where we give one of the main characters Ayano past opponents to play against all of which seem to hate her for one reason or another. I also want to mention that Ayano's personality switch while due to her past I understand why it happens at the same time it happens so randomly that it just lacks impact.

If you enjoy this show by all means I dont mean to bash it or to make it sound like its a horrible Anime, I just feel like the pacing is really bad and with the way certain characters pop in and out it doesnt give you a chance to feel attached and to be honest if this show wasnt 13 episodes I would have dropped it but I am curious to see how its going to wrap up.

Sorry for ranting on for a while. but i hope you all enjoy the post and oh I will say Nagisa is my favorite from the show so see I dont dislike everything lol. Well until my next post I hope you all have a great weekend!


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