Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Another Japanese Otaku sends threats to Voice actor.....This has to stop

Hello everyone, hope your all having a great Wednesday! I was hoping not to do another post about this topic, but once again the creepy side of the Otaku culture has poked its head out again. Once again I was browsing on ANN like I normally do, and what do I find but yet another article about another grown otaku male sending threats to another female voice actor. This guy who was 32 and unemployed was arrested for sending a email to the agency for the voice actor Ayana Taketatsu. the even scarier thing about this story was that the agency reported that they have received over 7,000 threats aimed at Ayana. To this that 7,000 people feel that a person they have never meet or probably never spoken to in real life has "offended" them so much that they take out time to threaten them is not only creepy but shows that some people have some serious mental problems and really need proper help. These people act as if these voice actors and idols owe them their lives and as soon as they do something that the fan thinks is "shameful" they want that person to pay and its usually with their lives, Im not sure how you can get tighter security for this but something has to be done because we live in a age where tracking people is easier than ever to do so they need to get a handle on this problem before someone follows threw on their threat.

Sorry if I rambled on I just wanted to address that because those story always creep me out and I find them disturbing. So until next time


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